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Whether it's bristles on your chin or stubble on your legs, facial and body hair is a nuisance that can be difficult to manage as many hair removal solutions are ineffective or cause unpleasant side effects. Because shaving leaves the root behind, its results are short-lived, and depilatory creams often severely irritate skin. Many women mistakenly believe that they must frequently reach for a razor or live with chronic redness and inflammation to be free of unwanted body and facial hair. If you're among them, it's time for you to discover the Emjoi collection.

Emjoi is a lineup of epilators that glide over the skin and remove the hair by the root. Each epilator is outfitted with tweezer heads that can effectively eliminate hair from any part of the body, including delicate areas like the face, under arms and bikini line. With an Emjoi epilator, you'll enjoy longer-lasting results than those possible from shaving without having to apply abrasive, foul-smelling depilatory creams to your skin. The collection also includes after shaving treatments that condition the skin and slow down hair growth.

Want to have smooth skin for up to six weeks? Try an epilator from Emjoi. As you move the epilator across your target area, it grasps your hair and takes it out from the root, quickly and comfortably. This patented Glide Technology helps to minimize irritation. The brand has the widest selection of epilators available on the market today, and their devices offer a bevy of cutting-edge features.

Emjoi utilizes up to 72 tweezers, the most that you'll find on an epilator. To clear legs or arms with fewer passes, look for devices with dual-opposed staggered heads that enable you to cover a larger area. Or if you want a more precise tool for your eyebrows, upper lip, and chin, Emjoi offers epilators that are designed to be more accurate. To protect you from bacterial infections, the epilators contain silver ion technology. If you prefer to remove your hair in the shower, opt for a waterproof Emjoi. And Emjoi epilators aren't just for women. Men find that clearing unwanted hair is fast, easy, and lasting with an Emjoi epilator. The brand also makes a body cream that softens your skin and helps to inhibit the growth of hair. Apply it after using a Emjoi epilator.

Now you can enjoy Emjoi for home pedicures and elbow exfoliation, too. The brand makes devices that buff away rough patches and calluses in seconds, thanks to unique rollers. These rollers have micro-mineral particles that are more effective than metal scrapers and pumice stones.

What the automatic dishwasher did for the harried housewife, Emjoi products can do for the busy, benefit-savvy woman. These clever devices open up a whole new world of carefree personal maintenance and softer, smoother skin anywhere you normally remove hair on your face and body. Emjoi products help you save money on waxing treatments at the salon, and remove forever the embarrassing, scratchy feeling that accompanies shaving body hair, not to mention the annual cost of adequately comfortable feminine razors.

Similar to waxing, epilation works by quickly pulling unwanted hairs, which results in remarkably smooth skin that lasts for weeks (as opposed to mere days for shaving). Emjoi products include durable, easy-to-use units and after-use treatments to soothe skin and slow hair regrowth. The result is a freed-up personal care routine, enabling the Emjoi products user to enjoy smooth-skin confidence for a longer period of time between treatments.

Take a quick look at these Emjoi Products to discover what sets Emjoi apart from the rest.

The Emjoi Emagine Epilator is a cutting-edge epilation tool with a remarkably large surface area using 72 individual tweezer heads. Not only does the larger surface cut down on treatment time, but the skin-stretching technology in the Emagine Epilator head aids effective hair removal and greater comfort, negating the need to pass over an area several times to fully remove all hair (including those pesky, hard-to-reach short hairs that most epilators miss). Emagine's Silver Ion technology is Emjoi's world-wide distinction by being the first of its kind to offer antimicrobial protection against infection. Emjoi's Emagine Epilator is great for hair removal on legs, arms, underarms, the bikini area, and may even be used on facial hair.

Emjoi After Epilation Cream with Hair Growth Inhibitor is formulated to be applied to the body immediately after epilation or waxing treatments. The cream soothes skin for greater smoothness and less chance of irritation. To take advantage of the hair growth inhibitor, use daily for ten days after epilating or waxing to prolong time between hair regrowth, and eventually to realize softer, less noticeable hair regrowth.

Emjoi Divine differs from the larger Emjoi Emagine in that it has a 36-tweezer head, but it also includes an exfoliation attachment and a dual-function shaving attachment so you receive three great personal care tools in one. The ergonomically-shaped handle allows for an easy grip, and Emjoi Divine provides the same great antimicrobial protection as the Emjoi Emagine. A dual speed switch allows you to epilate according to your comfort level, and the contoured head and massaging fingers in the design keep your skin stretched to improve comfort and hair removal efficiency.

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