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Originally dedicated to medical supplies, Ferndale Laboratories specializes in real solutions for troubled skin. All of the Ferndale Laboratories products available are designed to provide soothing relief to common skin irritations and promote healing with nourishing and calming ingredients. Ferndale Laboratories is not a cosmetic brand but rather a dermatological line of products that offers effective treatment of skin irritations and inflammations. They use high quality dermatological grade ingredients that are proven effective.

The brand firmly believes that research is the key to discovering which ingredients work best to promote skin comfort and health. Ferndale Laboratories prides itself on providing clinical solutions to the personal care industry. All products are formulated to manage the symptoms of problem and temporarily irritated skin, aiding in a better quality of life. The products do not cure but rather provide temporary relief. Ferndale Laboratories products should not replace medical care for severe skin conditions or conditions that worsen and intensify.

The expansive Ferndale brand dates back to the late 19th century. However, the current Ferndale Laboratories brand, which started to reach directly to consumers and not just healthcare providers, began in 1975. Since then, the organization has embraced technology and research as the winning combination for developing products that please healthcare providers and individual customers alike. Thanks to SkinStore, you can now add Ferndale Laboratories products to your health and personal care routine. This Michigan-based organization boasts an FDA-approved facility that features space for manufacturing, production, quality control and more. From start to finish, your Ferndale products are developed in this 100,000-square-foot space and then delivered to your door by SkinStore.

Ferndale Laboratories' philosophy is simple. The organization is committed to meeting the best interests and needs of its customers, which include healthcare professionals, patients, and business partners, by offering superior customer service, specialized products, and industry expertise. At SkinStore, you can discover a number of Ferndale Laboratories products that live up to the company's philosophy. Topical creams and anesthetics are just some of the products in the Ferndale Laboratories line, and you can choose one that suits your unique skin care needs and situation. When you add Ferndale products to your skin care routine, you're investing in a company that has a long history of success in developing products for both healthcare providers to use professionally as well as everyday consumers like you. Discover the benefit that these products can add to your lifestyle today. Simply explore Ferndale Laboratories' offerings available at SkinStore today.

Remedial skincare products can make all the difference in giving your daily beauty routine a special twist when you need to treat problems you are experiencing with your skin. The fine array of Ferndale Laboratories Products gives you the opportunity to choose a special cream or gel to treat a specific skin ailment without needing special attention from your doctor. The full lineup of Ferndale Laboratories Products appears below, with choices to soothe and enhance your skin morning, noon, and night.

In case you are not very familiar with these products, the Ferndale Laboratories Products collection focuses on temporary, topical pain relief with anesthetic ointments. The products employ high quality dermatological grade ingredients to treat the symptoms of various issues, ensuring effective, temporary relief for irritated skin. In many cases where a skin ailment causes discomfort, a trip to the doctor may be the only assumed solution. Thankfully, these topical treatments provide a simple yet effective remedy you can use as often as needed in the comfort of your home.

If you have been suffering from skin irritations or the aftereffects of skin trauma or cosmetic procedures, a topical cream with anesthetic or analgesic properties can provide instant relief. Familiarize yourself with the Ferndale Laboratories Products collection so that you can choose a product that will soothe and refresh your skin from its current condition.

LMX-5 offers instant relief of anorectal pain and discomfort through a convenient topical anesthetic cream. This product provides temporary relief over prolonged periods for a number of conditions, including general anorectal pain, anal fissures, colitis, hemorrhoids, and pain following procedures, among others. Reviewers agree that this topical remedy provides real pain relief that works every time.

Prax Lotion offers relief from dry and itchy skin in the form of a creamy anesthetic ointment that provides moisture to the skin. Prax Lotion is also suitable for use as a rectal wipe in treatment of minor discomfort from various anorectal conditions like hemorrhoids, cracks, fissures, itchiness, and general irritation. The non-greasy formula is easy to apply and works wonders without staining clothing and sheets. Those in need of relief may apply this treatment cream three to four times a day to soothe the itchiness and other discomforts.

LMX-4 is a topical anesthetic that erases pain quickly, delivering a prolonged effect to treat various skin ailments and pain from cosmetic procedures. LMX-4 commonly treats and relieves skin prior to and following laser hair removal, tattoo application and removal, and wart removal. This treatment cream can also be used prior to minor skin surgeries as well as permanent makeup application. If you suffer from minor cuts and abrasions, minor burns, minor skin irritations, sunburn, and even insect bites, you can use LMX-4 as an effective and immediate remedy as well. This topical anesthetic offers immediate and lasting relief to get you through these various procedures, soothing your skin and preventing the onset of pain in some situations.

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