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Ila Spa

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Ila Spa creates an equilibrium between purity, energy, balance and the earth, through beautiful, organic products. A strong ethical philosophy runs through the collection, only enhancing the efficacy.

British-born founder Denise Leicester is trained in the art of healing, having started her career as a nurse. After being sent to Dubai to care for a bed-ridden ruler of the UAE, she soon segued from Western medicine to complimentary. This ruler couldn’t talk, or walk, but had a heightened sense of touch and smell. Denise used oils and aromatherapy to nurture him. It is perhaps here that the seeds of Ila were planted. Today she is also an aromatherapist, a yoga teacher and a yogic healer.

Awaken, transform and heal your mind, body and soul

Ila’s power lies in the ability to harness the earth’s purest energy, using only the finest plants and minerals. The ingredients are sourced the world over, harvested in remote regions by artisan producers who have honed their craft and value time-honored, sustainable practices.

These elements always hold the ancient energy of nature, from a time when the earth was strong and holds that memory, such as Ila Spa’s 250 million year-old Himalayan salts, packed into the
Bath Salts for Inner Peace and the 84 million year-old argan oil which can be found in the Face Oil for Glowing Radiance.

Every ingredient is provided by organic and ethical growers, so that local communities are supported and their knowledge is preserved. Ila Spa lovingly blends every product in converted barns in England’s beautiful countryside, having perfected pioneering treatments that combine age-old yogic techniques, energy work, chakra and sound-healing for multiple benefits.

Today Ila Spa can be found in some of the world’s leading luxury spas.

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