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Juara Skincare

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Utilizing active botanicals from the Indonesian archipelago, Juara combines these ingredients with the best in sophisticated western technology to deliver efficacious and elegant skincare solutions of the highest quality. East meets west with Juara, a line of skin care products inspired by the sunny island of Bali. Developed by four young women with Indonesian roots, this line combines ancient Indonesian skin care remedies with Western science to create a line of supremely natural botanically-based skin care products. With exotic ingredients like tumeric, tamarind and herbal teas, Juara takes a dual approach to skin care.

Juara products combine the best nature and science has to offer into high-performance skin care products that are both therapeutic and pleasing to the senses.

Juara believes skin care products should work gently without irritating skin. That's why you'll find natural formulations infused with beneficial and gentle botanicals. It's conscientious skin care that melds ancient, natural remedies with modern skin care science. The result is high-performance skin care that's gentle, soothing and always pleasing to the senses. You'll feel like you've taken a trip to the beautiful island of Bali every time you use the Juara line.

Research and history paired with the brand's commitment to natural products makes Juara Skincare truly unique. Juara Skincare products are 100 percent vegetarian, making them suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. Free of parabens, harsh chemicals, artificial colorants, and animal-based ingredients, these products are ideal for those individuals following green, vegan, or vegetarian lifestyles. You can extend your lifestyle of choice beyond what you eat and choose green products for your skin as well.

Juara Skincare products feature unique botanical blends that can address a range of skin issues from head to toe. You can cleanse and moisturize your face with products infused with rice starch, amino acids, vitamin E, and sweet black tea. You'll enjoy the gentle cleansing and nourishment associated with these products. If you're looking for a more specific treatment, Juara Skincare has something for you. Perhaps your skin is dry due to cold, dry air. Opt for a body cream, body polish, or hand and body balm to restore important moisture to your dry or stressed skin. Revitalize your bathing routine with shower gels and soaps in unique and delightful fragrances. Or, choose a mask to intensely nourish your complexion, deeply cleaning your pores and leaving you with a clearer and more refined look. Lip balms and travel kits round out the extensive Juara Skincare line.

You want your skincare routine to maximize your beauty. Choose the natural, nourishing botanical blends found in the Juara Skincare line and embrace a green skin care routine today.

Not every skincare product on the market today can offer the unique services that those of the Juara Skincare line do. The team behind this innovative company have developed herbal- and botanicals-centered treatments based on an impressive foundation: thousands of years of natural medicine practiced by Indonesian healers, drawing upon the power of a host of indigenous plants. The Juara Skincare Products are the result of a marriage between this rich storehouse of Eastern knowledge and the controlled, empirical scrutiny of Western scientific study.

Juara Skincare Products bring to your private skincare regimen the dermatological and cosmetic advantages of tropical remedies from the Indonesian archipelago, fashioned by the Juara team to bring a more youthful and healthful cast to your complexion. Exfoliation, hydration, softening, soothing, the effects of Juara Skincare Products amount to a nourishing reboot to your hard-working, much-abused skin.

From cleansers to facial masks, from eye creams to lip balms, and lots more, the Juara line has you covered for skincare treatments of impressive pedigree.

The varied cast of Juara Skincare Products incorporate easily into anyone's skincare routine. These vivifying and healing treatments, intrinsically linked to indigenous medicine and the splendor of lush, biologically diverse tropical forests, are absolutely a world away from mediocre creams, washes, and balms full of harsh, abrasive chemicals in unnatural formulas.

Founded upon the gentle but effective rejuvenation of an Indonesian rice-water rinse, the Juara Rice Facial Cleanser employs the power of rice starch to render your skin softer, smoother, and more relaxed. It functions as an excellent all-around, rinse-off wash: The cleanser sheds your face of makeup and impurities collected during the day while warding off dryness. It's rich in amino acids, while free of soap, oil, and paraben, perfect for all skin types.

Candlenut oil has been a part of traditional Indonesian skincare for centuries. You can partake in its deep and soothing treatment with the Juara Candlenut Body Creme, the ideal antidote to dry, chafed, flaking, and irritated skin. You'll love the feel of its exquisite and full finish: a daily moisturizing and calming balm for your entire body.

The Juara Candlenut Body Polish also incorporates candlenut oil to offer a multi-faceted treatment for haggard, inflamed, and otherwise unhappy skin. Exfoliation comes with the body polish's natural shell grains, removing dead cell layers to prepare your skin for the rich moisturizing and soothing application of the candlenut oil. Free of surfactants, the Juara Candlenut Body Polish is a powerful ally in the quest for healthy, supple, smooth, and radiant skin.

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