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They say necessity is the mother of invention. When Lauren B. needed a nail polish that could live up to her high standards of performance, style and safety, she quickly learned she would have to create one. Enter the box ticker: Lauren B.’s collection of richly pigmented nail polish and answer to the demands on her lengthy wish list. Durability's a non-starter. Locally produced is a non-negotiable. Formaldehyde-free is the only way to be. We’re rewriting the code of grooming ethics and raising the beauty bar in a range of shades as goodnatured as they are gorgeous. Followers of moral compass, cleaners of conscious, purveyors of beautiful nails- Lauren B. says have it all. Explore our eco-friendly collection of 7 free, vegan friendly nail polishes made in the USA, paired with our signature base and top coats and award winning botanical treatments to leave your nails perfectly polished, and your hands/ cuticles well groomed. We like to say that when you give a woman the right manicure and she can rule the world.

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