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M2 is committed in transforming problematic skin in an age where stress and pollution is an issue. M2 is resolving the issues of unbalanced skin tone, adult acne and wrinkles with the power of Mandelic and Malic Acid.
Produced by Dr Mark Taylor, not only a renowned dermatologist but a plastic surgeon who has taught over 4,000 doctors world wide about laser techniques, he was passionate about finding a way to help skin concerns. He established M2 with help from skin specialist Kristy Taylor and son Chris in which they created an entire range of products that reduce skin problems including rosacea and signs of melasma.
The two main elements that help your skin is the blend of two AHA’S (Alpha hydroxy acid) : Mandelic and Malic Acid. Madelic Acid contains antibacterial properities which helps the decrease the manifestation of breakouts making it must have ingredient to treat acne prone skin. Whilst Madelic Acid is found in apples and cranberries, it increases collagen in the skin. Collagen is a protein that helps supports skin by improving its texture and prevents skin from wrinkling. Therefore, this alpha hydroxy acid contains anti-aging benefits and whilst also being a natural antioxdant.
Our most popular product is the M2 Skin Care Refinish 12% which is a gentle yet effective multi-purpose facial treatment. The serum contains 12% concentration of both the acids and is perfect for clearing Rosacea, acne and can be used on mature and sensitive skin. This serum contains algae extract which helps hydrate and detoxify the skin allowing toxins to be removed, leaving you with a clear complexion.
If you are looking to beautify your eyes, we recommend using M2 Skin Care Revitalizing Eye Repair Cream. Formulated with BEAUTIFEYE technology, this is a cosemetic ingredient which helps lift sagging eyelids and reduce wrinkle intensity. The two AHA’s M2 pride itself on, are key ingredients of this product. They helps lift the upper eyelid and reduce the apperance of dark circles and puffiness. This will enable that your eyes will look revitlized and be significantly moisturized.

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