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Scars on the skin require special treatment if they are ever to fade or disappear. The MEDERMA brand features specialized formulas designed to treat scars and stretch marks, relying on proprietary ingredients like the botanical extract CEPALIN® to help scars look softer, smoother, and less noticeable. These scar reducing products treat scars left behind from acne, surgery, injury, and burns as well as other sources of skin trauma.

MEDERMA is dedicated to providing convenience to customers along with affordable products that are easy to use. MEDERMA's scar treatments are clinically proven to improve the overall appearance of scars, specifically impacting the color and texture. The company's offerings are the #1 physician and pharmacist recommended products for scar treatment.

A line of dermatologist-tested stretch marks therapy products helps to improve the texture and appearance of stretch marks, reducing discoloration and smoothing out the marks in as little as 12 weeks. MEDERMA is a division of Merz Pharmaceuticals, LLC, a part of the Merz Group of companies. The Merz Group boasts more than a century of expertise in developing remedies for aesthetic medicine as well as neurological and psychological disorders.

A leader in scar treatment, Mederma can help minimize the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Both doctors and pharmacists recommend these products--in fact, Mederma's line of scar treatments are the number one brand recommended by both groups. Whether you have scars from acne, surgery, injury, or burns, you can trust Mederma's products for your needs. Featuring original compounds and formulations designed by medical professionals across the globe, Mederma understands what ingredients can effectively and gently minimize the appearance of unwanted scars, no matter how they occurred. Mederma's success in the treatment of scars has been heralded by many national publications, including Women's Health, Glamour, Parents, and Health magazines. In addition to being available for consumer purchase at SkinStore, Mederma products are also recommended to healthcare professionals to provide to their patients.

Mederma is backed by a record of clinical success. When used to minimize scars caused by acne, surgery, and burns and cuts, Mederma showed a 42% improvement when compared to untreated scars. Even more, these results appeared in as little as 4 weeks. Moreover, clinical results also revealed Mederma's success in reducing stretch marks. After 12 weeks, 80% of users noted fewer stretch marks thanks to Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy. When unsightly scars or stretch marks are your concern, you need a product that is both proven effective and gentle on your skin. Mederma is a leading brand in the fight against scars and stretch marks, and it can help you improve the appearance of your skin. Discover the right product for your needs today, and enjoy the results.

Scars come from a number of sources, falling and scraping your knee as a child, dealing with acne breakouts as an adolescent, or having surgery, just to name a few. No matter the cause of your scars, there is one proven treatment: Mederma Products. Using the botanical extract Cepalin, Mederma Products soften and smooth scars, making them less noticeable. Thanks to their accessibility and affordability, Mederma Products make at-home scar treatment reasonable and effective. If concealing your scars with makeup every day has grown tiresome, it's time for a more advanced treatment. Don't just conceal that scar, reduce it.

Mederma Products are available for scars of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Children can choose the kid-friendly version of this product, while adults can fight all types of scars with the original version. When it comes to Mederma Products, where, when, or how you acquired the scar does not matter. These products work effectively no matter the location of your scar. You can apply Mederma as soon as your wound heals, or you can use it on scars you have had for some time. The results are the same.

Scars will last a lifetime if you do not use a targeted treatment to eliminate them. Mederma Products offer effective treatments that soften the appearance of scars. Botanical extracts offer gentle but proven treatment for scars of all shapes and sizes.

Mederma for Kids, a pediatrician-recommended products, softens and smoothes scars from cuts, scrapes, stitches, burns, and bug bites. Its botanical extract formula is a topical gel that goes on purple but dries clear, much to your little one's delight. This pleasant-smelling gel can be used as soon as your child's wound has healed. Alternatively, you can use it on old scars. This non-toxic product is safe for children two or older.

Choose the #1 physician-recommended treatment for scars, and use Mederma 50 Gram Tube. Eliminate scars from surgery, burns, accidents, and injuries with this highly effective product. You can even rid your skin of scars caused by acne and stretch marks. This large tube should last three months for an 8- to 10-inch scar. You can soften and smooth the appearance of scars by applying this topical treatment to your scar every day.

Get the most for your money by investing in the Mederma 50 Gram Tube - 3 Pack. Each 50 Gram Tube should last three months for an 8- to 10-inch scar. If you plan to target a number of scars or you have a particularly large scar to treat, this three-pack is your best value. Apply Mederma's topical gel to your scar, helping to soften and smooth its appearance. With regular use, you will notice a less defined scar, which will pave the way for clearer, imperfection-free skin.

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