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Olie Biologique

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Olie Biologique is founded on the simple notion that looking and feeling radiantly healthy is completely natural. With minimal packaging and maximum benefits, our certified organic skincare oils are harvested without taking advantage of the earth. 100% pure and equally luxurious, Olie Biologique products contain the best botanical ingredients proven effective throughout time.

For men and women of all ages, Olie Biologique organic oils and blends don't discriminate. Nourishing, moisturizing, healing, restorative and anti-aging, they provide incredible daily solutions for face, hair, nails and body. With a sublimely light, non-greasy texture, our oils absorb quickly and are ideal for those people with scent sensitivities. They're as unadulterated as it gets, no parabens, artificial fragrances, synthetics or chemical preservatives.

When it comes to Olie Biologique products, less is most definitely more. More potency, more versatility, more visible results, all while being safe for you and the environment. That makes Olìe Biologique, quite naturally, different.

Sometimes, simplicity is best. That's the theory behind Olie Biologique products, and in this case, simplicity can be a highly effective way to nourish your skin. Natural botanical ingredients in Olie Biologique products combine to create formulas that can tackle a number of common skin issues. You can hydrate dry skin, minimize redness and irritation, fight signs of aging, or create a healthy glow with the range of products in this line. Plus, if you cannot decide between which Olie Biologique product is right for you, opt for a multiproduct set that lets you sample everything this line has to offer.

When you choose Olie Biologique products for your complexion, you're investing in products that are backed by many reputable sources. The brand has received acclaim in a variety of publications. From the pages of Elle Canada, Details, and Lucky magazines to online praise from Haute Talk, Tuja Wellness, and Beauty Blitz, Olie Biologique products have been celebrated in print and web media. Perhaps the critical acclaim can be attributed to the brand's use of argan oil, an ingredient that has a history of success in skin care products. Argan oil, which features essential fatty acids, is capable of protecting and repairing your skin. Even more, research indicates argan oil offers anti-inflammatory, acne-fighting, and moisture-retentive properties, making it an ideal skin care ingredient. Discover the benefits of argan oil, as well as the many other natural ingredients in these formulas, today by adding an Olie Biologique product to your skin care routine.

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