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Reducing the signs of scarring is an important aspect of looking your best at all times, especially for individuals with large or highly visible areas of affected skin. Physicians, pharmacists, and dermatologists have worked together to create a wide array of products that minimize the appearance of scarring, lightening dark discoloration and flattening raised tissue in order to do away with abnormal skin. Proven to be highly effective in treating marred skin during several clinical studies, ScarGuard formulas aid in keeping new scar growth to a minimum, while also reducing the size of old scars to a more reasonable height. Today, anyone can obtain these high performing ScarGuard formulas over-the-counter rather than through a dermatologist's prescription.

Delivering a quick drying solution that minimizes the appearance of scarred tissue, ScarGuard products make it possible to see past unsightly marks for men and women of all ages. Formulated with quality ingredients, these treatments offer an affordable option that can assist in limiting the growth of scar tissue or reduce existing disfigurement.

The persistence of visible scars can sap you of the self-confidence you deserve. Whether a vestige of a past injury, an old bout with acne, or a surgical procedure, scar tissue is a normal cosmetic feature, but it becomes a problem if it makes you feel ashamed of or at least sensitive to a particular part of your body. ScarGuard's carefully developed products bring state-of-the-art plastic-surgery formulations into the privacy and convenience of your own home to help you reduce the visibility of scars and enhance their rate of healing.

The team behind ScarGuard draws upon seven decades of collective experience in the fields of dermatology, biotechnology, cosmetic surgery, and pharmacology to create scar-healing and scar-masking products that are clinically proven to manage these blemishes.

Scars represent sites where your skin has directed collagen to seal and salve injuries or wounds. They stand out on our bodies because the collagen deposits lack the normal sweat glands and skin pores, and also because of their density of blood vessels, meant to boost blood flow at a wound site to improve and hasten healing. Particularly heavy-looking scars are often the result of an excess of collagen left over from the initial healing process, even after the body's natural "cleanup" mechanism of breaking down scar collagen with a special enzyme.

The ScarGuard approach helps seal scars with a mixture of cortisone, silicone, and vitamin E. It tackles raised scar tissue, formed recently or long ago, and works to diminish its visibility while boosting natural healing. ScarGuard products can help prevent the formation of thick scars at a recent injury and flatten old blemishes.

As natural as they are, scars can be emotionally traumatic for anyone to deal with, particularly those chronic marks that remain prominent for years. The ScarGuard Products are designed to mitigate the stress and self-consciousness associated with scarring by reducing the appearance of scars and associated markings. By tackling both the visibility of old scars and fresh scar-growth formation, ScarGuard Products offer a robust, multi-front treatment.

The quality service rendered by the over-the-counter ScarGuard Products at one time could only be had through prescriptions from a dermatologist. Now you can work on the look of those scars in the privacy of your home with an easily accessible, and, crucially, affordable, set of products designed to work efficiently and quickly. Not only do they work to diminish the look of scars, but the ScarGuard Products can also be employed for lightening dark skin markings, like blemishes, age spots, and freckles.

Don't let scars get you down: Take the next step in treatment with ScarGuard.

You can appreciate the resiliency of your body and the power of its natural healing properties and still bemoan scarring. A scar does indeed symbolize healing and regeneration, but it can still be a cosmetic stressor. ScarGuard Products offer the chance to diminish the prominence of scarring so you're not constantly fretting about how visible that raised, discolored marking is, and go on with living your life to the fullest. They also can tackle other kinds of skin discoloration.

Applying the ScarGuard Scarguard MD formula to scarred areas can have a dramatic impact. This groundbreaking product, created by a plastic surgeon, focuses a powerful marriage of scientifically tested treatments to give you the maximum benefit. Scarguard MD, available in both 0.5- and 1-oz packages, targets ridged and thickened scar tissue, lowering and shrinking it so that it becomes far less visible. In addition, you can apply Scarguard MD to freshly developing scar tissue, which can help keep scar deformations at a minimum while the body heals. Scarguard MD swiftly dries to a basically invisible coating. It's easy to use, too: You simply wash the targeted scarring area with a mild soap and water, thoroughly dry, and then brush Scarguard MD on. It'll dry after a minute or so, and then the area can contact clothing without issue. It's best used two times a day.

From age spots to raccoon shadows around the eyes, and from dark scars to freckles, the ScarGuard Scarlight MD is a salve for darkened skin discolorations and markings. This serum is quickly absorbed into the skin to lighten such features and enliven your overall skin tone. It's available in 0.5- or 1-oz quantities.

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