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Founded by Joy Harari, Shore Magic is a quality supplement line backed by science that’s designed to help people harness natural beauty from within. Made from one ingredient – the purest form of collagen - Harari created Shore Magic products initially to provide children with autism a better alternative to bone broth. After endless research, Harari developed Shore Magic, a hypoallergenic product with the most highly absorbable collagen, finding a solution to children’s dietary restrictions.

Today, Shore Magic products are used by everyone to boost mobility and overall health and fortify the skin. With collagen extracted straight from the sea, Shore Magic products support the way people feel and have a tremendous impact on the way they look. The unique formulation of Shore Magic products is safe for everyone to use daily as the supplements have no dangerous additives, fillers, herbs, or synthetic vitamins, and they’re odorless and tasteless

Some of Shore Magic’s best-selling products include the Shore Magic Collagen Powder for strengthening skin, hair, and nails; the Shore Magic Collagen Sachets for supporting strong bones and healthy skin, and the Starter Set, a complete set containing all collagen essentials. Shop the range at SkinStore, the official stockist of Shore Magic supplement products in the US.
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