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Supermood is a Finnish holistic beauty brand of topical and therapeutic beauty products and natural cosmetics. The founder, Anne Kukkohovi, worked in the Finnish fashion and entertainment industry before Supermood was created in 2014.

To Supermood, beauty is an all-encompassing holistic mechanism in which physical and emotional well-being go together and are clearly expressed in how we appear on the outside. Supermood is a true believer in the interplay between inner wellness and outer elegance. Their products are produced from all-natural ingredients and embody a beauty concept based on a holistic approach. Supermood believes we all have superpowers that we can trigger by taking care of ourselves with the right products and natural superfoods.

Supermood Egoboost products work quickly to tighten the skin. A natural sea fennel stem cell is used in Beauty Sleep skincare cosmetics to improve the appearance and feel of your face, ensuring you feel revitalized after each use. Youth Glo is formulated to help you look and feel younger and is rich in glutathione, moth bean extract, and natural fruit acids. The three products work together to maintain physical and emotional equilibrium.

Supermood products encourage you to look and feel at your best at all times, regardless of your mood.

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