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June 2013
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Healthy Skin For Life
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Suki Kramer Suki Kramer
Founder, President and Formulator, Suki
It’s about healthy, Fabulous Skin — At Any Age
It’s no secret — as we get older, our skin changes. Actually, every season… month… heck, practically every day new challenges pop up. So it follows, as we evolve, our skin care regimens…

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the Insider
Optimal Skin Phelityl — for Optimal Skin Function
Did you know “pH level” refers to how acidic or how alkaline a substance is? The more acidic, the lower the pH; the less acidic, the higher the pH. (For example, battery acid has a pH level of 0, while bleach, which is highly alkaline, has…

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get Smart
Beautiful Skin Why a Peel Makes for Beautiful Skin
People who use peels love them. People who don’t use peels think they are doing just fine without them… and are living in the dark. Peels can transform the skin and provide a deeper clean than cleansers and toners alone. With three main hydroxyl acids…

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beauty Wise
Organic Beauty Blueberries: Queens of the Berry World
Blueberries have made it into the consumer media and popular advertising campaigns as a healthful fruit to eat: they are filled with antioxidants, purple, round, and delicious. The Vaccinium myrtillus L. fruit, known in English as bilberry or blueberry, has powerful protective properties…

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Glamour Tip

Easy Summer Makeup

Easy Summer Makeup

Like your wardrobe, summer makeup should be light, cute and fuss–free. provides anti–aging serum, foundation and SPF 35 all in one easy step. Light–diffusing mica softens the look of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin flawless.

Trade your smoky eye for a softer look with the . The step–by–step directions walk you through creating the perfect “natural” eye for any occasion. The compact palette fits easily into your bag for on–the–go touchups. For an instant refresher throughout the day, spritz .

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