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    Peter Thomas Roth

    Still trying to recover from winter-related irritation? Soothe and cool your stressed skin and think thoughts of spring with Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Masque. Intended for daily use, this formula from Peter Thomas Roth uses aloe vera leaf, cucumber, chamomile and other natural ingredients to calm skin that is red, puffy, dry and itchy. The formula is so gentle that it can even be used in the under eye area to alleviate swelling and fluid retention or to address inflammation following clinical procedures like chemical peels and waxing.


    If your regular moisturizer isn't doing enough to help you bounce back from winter-related dehydration, add SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel to your skin care routine. This oil-free gel uses hyaluronic acid to supplement moisture levels in the skin, increasing the effectiveness of your daily moisturizer. Easy to apply with the included dropper, this serum from SkinCeuticals is intended for use just before your moisturizer and promotes smoother, softer skin from the very first application. Plus, it is clinically proven to enhance the effectiveness of vitamin C-based skin care treatments.
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  • cosmetics tips

    jane iredale

    If thin and wispy lashes are your biggest beauty woe, try Jane Iredale Longest Lash Mascara - Black Ice. This breakthrough natural formula from jane iredale not only gives your lash line the illusion of fullness, but it also conditions the lashes with a blend of sea minerals, helping them to grow longer without suffering from breakage. The mascara contains cellulose fibers that thicken and lengthen the lashes while leaving behind a soft black hue that is perfect for day and night. The formula is even clump-free for natural results.


    Battle shine all day long with Jurlique Rose Silk Finishing Powder. No matter how oily your face becomes by mid-day, just a dusting of this translucent powder is all it takes to keep your forehead, nose and chin mattified. The oil-absorbing corn and rice starches in the formula wick excess oil away from the skin while helping to even out the skin tone to promote a flawless finish. Like all Jurlique products, the finishing powder is made with natural ingredients, and it features a light rose and lavender fragrance.
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  • hair care tips


    If thin, limp hair is making every day a bad hair day, it's time to add Alterna Caviar Clinical Daily Root and Scalp Stimulator to your daily routine. This leve-in treatment provides nourishment to the follicles to encourage thicker growth and has a blend of ingredients that cuts through build-up that can weigh down the tresses and clog the pores. Alterna uses a proprietary Red Clover Growth Complex in the formula to help to counteract the miniaturizing effects of hormones on the follicles to provide gains in volume and thickness.

    Dr. Dennis Gross

    Noticing unwanted changes in the thickness of your hair with each passing year? Just like your complexion, your scalp can be aged by the effects of the sun and natural changes that occur within the body over time. Dr. Dennis Gross Root Resilience Anti-Aging Scalp Serum is the first topical scalp treatment created by a physician to promote a more youthful scalp. The formula from Dr. Dennis Gross provides nutrients to the hair follicles to promote healthy growth for fuller, more lustrous tresses with plenty of volume.
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  • natural tips


    If breakouts, blackheads or enlarged pores are detracting from your natural beauty, use a natural solution to clarify and purify your skin. ARCONA Cranberry Gommage is an exfoliator designed specifically for oily skin types that uses cranberry and raspberry enzymes to open up the pores and liberate blockages. Volcanic minerals and sucrose are added by the skin care experts at ARCONA to fight bacteria that can contribute to blemishes, and the formula leaves behind antioxidant protection to reduce the effects of damaging free radicals in the environment.

    Caudalie Paris

    Triple the effectiveness of your anti-aging skin care regimen with one powerful formula from the experts at Caudalie Paris. Caudalie Premier Cru The Cream combines the most innovative natural ingredient complexes created in the brand's laboratories: Resveratrol-Oleyl, Viniferine and Grapeseed Polyphenols. Together, these age-fighting ingredients promote cellular rejuvenation to address lines, wrinkles and age spots and gradually minimize them over time. At the same time, the formula provides a massive dose of antioxidants to protect the skin against damage which can lead to additional signs of aging.
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  • men's tips


    If a late night at the office or the fun at the bachelor party have left your eyes looking shadowy or swollen, unleash the power of Yonka for Men Under Eye Gel to provide immediate rejuvenation and get back to looking your best. Developed specifically for the needs of men's skin by the experts at Yonka, this formula works in just five minutes to fade dark circles and alleviate puffiness. The formula will have you looking like you got a full night's sleep in no time.


    You don't need a complicated daily regimen to make big improvements in the texture and tone of your skin. With Topix Glycolix Elite Treatment Pads 20%, you can effectively exfoliate your skin to address fine lines, wrinkles, rough patches and discoloration. A quick and easy addition to any man's routine, the pre-moistened pads from Topix use witch hazel to tone and 20 percent glycolic acid to loosen dead, discolored skin from the complexion. Antioxidants like coenzyme Q10 and vitamin C are added to provide protection from environmental damage.
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  • tools tips


    Dreading warmer weather and the start of sandal season? Stop fretting! If you start using Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation now, your feet will be soft and silky by the time the weather breaks and you're ready to flaunt your pedi. This hand-held device gently sloughs off dead skin to leave the feet smoother and softer. The Clarisonic sonic technology is clinically shown to leave the feet 10 times smoother than using a manual file and 80 percent of study participants said they were ready to go barefoot after treatments.


    If you've hit the wall and just aren't seeing more results from your topical anti-aging skin care regimen, don't turn to clinical interventions yet. Instead, try amplifying the power of your daily routine with NuFace Trinity, a breakthrough system that recreates the effects of the latest spa microcurrent facials. With gentle electrical stimulation, the NuFace system encourages the rejuvenation of the skin cells while toning the facial muscles to better support your skin tissue. With just five minutes of daily use, the formula can lead to improvements in firmness.
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  • fragrance tips


    Find yourself practically dozing off in the midst of your morning shower? Energize yourself with the wonderful fragrance of Bliss Lemon and Sage Body Scrub, which will enliven your senses and get your eyes open while you shower. While treating you to the wonderful scent of sage and lemon, this scrub from Bliss resurfaces and polishes, loosening dead cells to leave the skin feeling softer and smoother with every use. Just massage it against your skin and then step into the shower to rinse it away.


    If you want to give your signature scent a makeover for spring, try Philosophy Amazing Grace Fragrance. This ultra-feminine fragrance is light in weight, so you can wear it all summer long, but it's still noticeable enough to earn you compliments wherever you go. Upon application, this best-selling scent from the Philosophy collection treats you to mandarin orange, grapefruit and bergamot with floral notes of freesia, rose and jasmine becoming evident afterward. Then, its musky base will stay with you throughout the day or until you reapply.
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  • skin care supplements tips

    Perricone MD

    If you're not making enough headway in the fight against blemishes, try battling breakouts from the inside out. Perricone MD Skin Clear Supplements provide the body with key nutrients that help to normalize the production of sebum to help promote clear skin. In addition, this supplement blend from Perricone MD promotes firmer, more youthful skin by encouraging the production of collagen and treating the body to antioxidants. The vitamins and minerals come pre-measured and sorted into packets, making getting started on a beauty supplement regimen incredibly simple.

    Jan Marini

    Support the actions of your topical anti-aging skin care regimen with Jan Marini C-ESTAMINS. Each packet contains a blend of supplements that help your skin recover from years of damage due to ultraviolet exposure. Included in the formula is the proprietary BioCell Collagen II from Jan Marini. The complex helps to stimulate the production of collagen fibers, which are needed to provide strength and elasticity to the tissue. At the same time, the nutrients in the supplements help the skin retain its moisture barrier to fight signs of dryness.
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