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Scandinavian brand FOREO questions conventional thinking by working on mould-breaking projects at the FOREO Institute founded in Stockholm, Sweden. The LUNA™ line of skincare devices and the ISSA™ line of dental beauty devices are like nothing you've ever used before.

Revolutionizing the Beauty World 

FOREO's story began with the Luna™, a cleansing brush inspired by what was missing in the market. In place of abrasive nylon bristles that could potentially lead to over exfoliation and counter-productivity, FOREO introduced the world to a silicone brush that channels upto 8,000 transdermal sonic pulsations. These sonic pulsations slough off dead skin cells and remaining traces of make-up, taking 99.5% of dirt and oil with it and boosting the absorption of your skincare while prepping men's skin for shaving. 

The silicone brush touch-points deliver a deep and gentle cleanse and are softer, smoother and far less abrasive than alternatives. Meet good-looking cleansing brushes that are waterproof and around 35 times more hygienic than competitors.

Products Designed for Every Need 

Unlike some beauty brands, FOREO does not adopt a one-size-fits-all approach. Trust in the science of FOREO to address your concerns.

Explore the ISSA range: the world's first set of silicone bristled electric toothbrushes. Experience a comfortable gum massage and a clean, healthy mouth like never before. These sleek, travel-friendly brushes are ergonomically designed and complimented the lifestyle of the modern man and woman, and come with a 10-year quality guarantee.

Browse a range of colors from lavender and mint, to cobalt bluecool black and more.

Save The Sea

FOREO is committed to creating sustainable skincare choices and supporting environmental conservation. After partnering with Greenwave and the Sea Life Trust in 2015 to build restorative ocean farms and sponsor endangered sea turtles, the good people at FOREO partnered with the Ocean Conservation in early 2016 to bring you the limited edition Save The Sea product line, customizing the beloved Luna Mini 2 and promising to donate 100% of net proceeds towards the restoration of marine ecosystems.

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