5 Best Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

What your mom actually wants for mothers day.

2018-04-23 17:58:02By Jasmyne


The Hair Growth Tips You Need to Know

Has your hair essentially been the same length since forever? Find out how to make your hair grow faster with these easy hair growth tips to improve the health of your tresses.

2018-04-10 09:00:45By Jessica


Eliminate Bad Hair Days for Good with SILKE London

Tired of bad hair days? We are too. SILKE London is more than just a hair wrap, its the best friend you never knew you had.

2018-03-28 09:00:46By Jessica


The Best Sun Protection Products for Hair

Don't forget that your hair needs protecting from the sun just as much as your skin does. For those days you don't wish to pop on a hat, reach for the hair protectors! Read on for our favorites.

2018-02-28 07:00:54By Jessica


A Moment for Aesop: Shampoo Review

Let’s take a moment for Aesop Shampoo.

2018-02-07 09:00:02By Jasmyne


Romantic Hairstyles for This Valentine's Day

Put that brush and hair curler to good use this Valentine's Day on these easy romantic hairstyles!

2018-02-06 09:00:00By Jessica


Winter Hair Care for All Hair Types

Aside from this front row seat to watching our hands and feet dry and wither away, this malnourishment also shows its disapproval of the seasonal forecast in the lovely tresses adorning our craniums...Yes, even your hair is a victim of this wintry tragedy. So here are some winter hair care tips to counteract the parching effects of the winter blues.

2018-01-29 09:00:09By Jessica


Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Serum Intense: SkinStore's 12 Miracles

Today's reveal behind our exclusive SkinStore 12 Miracles of Beauty Advent Calendar features Grow Gorgeous' Hair Density Serum Intense. Read on to find out all about the powerful hair care product.

2017-12-21 02:18:02By Anna


Philip Kingsley Elasticizer: SkinStore's 12 Miracles of Beauty

Philip Kingsley's Elasticizer is behind drawer two of our SkinStore 12 Miracles of Beauty Advent Calendar! Read on to find out more about the product and discover today's brand prize.

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Festive Party Hairstyles for the Holiday Season

Whether you're off to your work's Christmas party or simply getting ready for an at-home dinner party, discover the party hairstyles you need to try this Holiday Season.

2017-11-29 06:45:52By Katie