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AminoGenesis Photolagen-AGF

If overexposure to the sun has left you with dry, discolored, less-than-desirable skin, make AminoGenesis Photolagen AGF the vanguard of the rescue crew. Experience smoother, softer, radiant skin and a diminishing of the effects of aging and sun damage. AminoGenesis Photolagen-AGF has demonstrated superior benefits over retinoids or glycolic/alpha hydroxy acids, yet it is well received on very sensitive skin.

Amino Acids form the foundation of the AminoGenesis skincare line, and AminoGenesis Photolagen-AGF is no exception. These essential cell-building ingredients are delivered below the epidermal layer to perform repairs where it is most needed. AminoGenesis Photolagen-AGF targets damaged skin from the rigors of the sun and environment, and delivers moisture without leaving a heavy feel or clogging pores.

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The antidote for sun damaged skin.
2 oz | PA001

Additional AminoGenesis Photolagen-AGF Information

Prematurely aged skin can be renewed. AminoGenesis Photolagen-AGF is clinically proven to improve the appearance of skin affected by sun spots, uneven skin tone, wrinkles and a lack of firmness.

AminoGenesis Photolagen-AGF is extremely gentle and suitable for all skin types. This powerful serum is not limited to sun-worshippers only! Try it for its skin repairing properties and silky-smooth hydrating power.

Age more gently with AminoGenesis Photolagen AGF, and reverse harmful environmental damage to your skin from overexposure in your youth.

Sun damage can take years to surface, and delicate facial skin suffers the greatest damage. Solar elastosis, or sun damage, affects the skin's protective layer (stratum corneum) and results in a leathery look and feel, along with discoloration (sometimes called sun spots), sagging skin, and dry areas. AminoGenesis Photolagen AGF returns your skin condition to the way it might have looked, and perhaps even better, if environmental factors were stripped away from your past.

AminoGenesis Photolagen-AGF is a patented formula synthesizing three technologies in one serum:

1. A delivery system that penetrates the skin to allow essential ingredients to work at the necessary level.

2. 17 plant-based amino acids. Our bodies need amino acids to build proteins, so amino acids are often termed building blocks. The human body can manufacture some amino acids on its own to build protein, but other amino acids necessary for protein building must be obtained from outside the body, normally in a healthy diet. In the aging process, skin tissue falters in making proteins like collagen and elastin. Topical application of AminoGenesis Photolagen AGF containing essential amino acids has shown significant improvement in the skin's ability to repair itself.

3. 5 short-chain amino acids, or pentapeptides, heal sun-damaged skin at the cellular level. This patented technology is called Matryxl.

Tested in the U.S. Healthcare system for ten years, AminoGenesis Photolagen AGF has shown a 68% improvement in surface facial wrinkles, an average 46% reduction of furrow density, and a 16% improvement in skin smoothness. Clinical trials* also showed that the Pal-KTTS technology aided collagen Type I (wrinkle reducing) by 117%, Collagen Type IV (anti-sagging) by 357%, and Glycosaminoglycans (moisture retentiveness) by 267%. (*World Congress of Dermatology, Paris, July 2002.)

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