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There are few truly unisex products within the skin care and beauty arena. More often than not, treatments are clearly identified as targeting men or women, with distinctive packaging and fragrances designed to appeal to a particular gender. Bucking this trend are Archipelago Botanicals Shaving Cream/Gel Products. With fragrances that can be enjoyed by both men and women and formulations that treat the skin while preparing it for a close shave, Archipelago Botanicals Shaving Cream/Gel Products can be enjoyed by both genders. By using these fabulous shaving creams to lubricate the skin before subjecting it to a sharp razor blade, you can avoid nicks, cuts, and razor burn.

The best of nature’s bounty is found among the ingredients in Archipelago Botanicals Shaving Cream/Gel Products. This luxurious brand is committed to producing products that can be used at home to relax and rejuvenate the mind and body. Invigorating scents stimulate the mind while potent botanicals treat and nourish the skin. When you include these delicious shaving creams in to your daily routine, shaving becomes a pleasure rather than a chore.

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Although they may be targeting different areas, men and women are aiming to achieve the same result when they shave. They want to remove all traces of excess hair without damaging or irritating the skin, whether on their face or elsewhere on their bodies. Archipelago Botanicals Shaving Cream/Gel Products allow both genders to gently but effectively eradicate unwanted hair while enhancing the condition of the skin.

With an evocative scent that is reminiscent of exotic islands, Archipelago Botanicals Boticario Shave Creme can be used by both genders to prepare the skin for shaving. This light shaving cream is packed full of ingredients that are rich in alpha hydroxy acids, such as wheat protein, orange oil, vitamin E, and extracts of coffee and pineapple. Alpha hydroxy acids help to reduce the likelihood of ingrown hairs. Jojoba esters ensure that the skin is lubricated and prepared for the application of a sharp razor blade. This shaving cream is best used after showering, when skin is warm and pores are open. Apply the cream to the area to be shaved and leave for a few minutes to allow it to soften the hair. Use a sharp razor blade to ensure that hair is cut on the first stroke of the razor. Shave in the direction of the natural growth to avoid the potential for irritation and ingrown hairs. The cream will lubricate the targeted area, allowing the blade to glide smoothly across the skin and reducing the possibility of cuts, nicks, or razor burn.

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