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With thin, delicate skin packed with thousands of nerve endings, the lips are the focus of constant care and concern. At their best, they can look full, lovely and sexy; at their worst, they can look cracked and cause so much discomfort and trouble. With the help of ASAP Lip Products, there is a way to take care of your lips properly, to maintain their luster and smoothness.

When you consider it, there is something magical about lips. They express our emotions, add a special focus of color and invite the fascination of that special other in those romantic moments. We take special care about their color and their definition, making sure that the lipstick or gloss is just right. Yet, how well do we take care of them? With ASAP Lip Products, the skin is conditioned, hydrated and smoothed, to provide the best look your lips have to offer. Don’t just settle with a quick swipe with a stick of so-called balm picked out at the check-out counter. Make your lips the jewels they’re meant to be with ASAP Lip Products.

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The basic philosophy of ASAP Lip Products is to provide carefully formulated, effective ingredients to address the needs of skin. Although we don’t often think about it, the surface of lips really is skin, and special skin at that. The skin on the vermillion zone, as it’s called, is among the thinnest, most delicate and certainly most sensitive we have. It deserves all the care and pampering we can provide. Exposed to the damaging ultraviolet radiation of the sun, wind and extremes of temperature, the skin on the surface of lips has to accept stresses that would be difficult even for thicker skin. Add to that the effects of saliva: Every time you eat, drink or lick your lips, the food-digesting enzymes in saliva are transferred to your lips. Is there any wonder that they can so quickly become dry, cracked and painful?

As different as can be from the common form of lip care, ASAP Hydrating Lip Balm is a smooth, conditioning cream in an easy-to-use tube. Formulated with rich suite of hydrating ingredients, the balm includes coconut, cocoa and castor seed oils, plus shea butter from the ripe nuts of the African karite tree and Aloe barbadensis leaf juice. As an extra emollient, deeply absorbing jojoba oil, extracted from the seeds of the desert-loving Simmondsia chinensis plant, hydrates and nourishes the lips. This balm soothes, moistens and smoothes the skin. There’s even a little stevia (Stevia rebaudiana leaf and stem extract) to add a touch of sweetness to the balm!

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