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Barielle reviews

Hands, feet, and nails can be moisturized and well treated with Barielle products. If you’re enjoying softer hands and feet or stronger nails thanks to Barielle’s line of products, take some time to discuss the products on the Barielle Reviews page. Choosing beauty products can be confusing, with thousands of brands out there, all promising similar results. Potential Barielle users need expert advice on the products, and as a Barielle user, you’re the expert. Discuss your experience with Barielle products on the Barielle Reviews page to help users like you make the right choice when it comes to hand, foot, and nail care.

Submitting your thoughts on Barielle products on the Barielle Reviews page is simple. Discuss your experience with the products you purchased. Did you see results? What were they? How long did it take to see noticeable results? Would you buy the product again? Your responses to these questions will help potential Barielle users select the right products for them.

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Great product -7/24/2008 6:21:46 PM I have been using the Nail Rebuilding Protein for a couple of months and and my nails have improved 100%. I use this in combination with the Nail Strengthener Cream...what an improvement!
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Great product -7/24/2008 6:19:00 PM I love this product. I have always received compliments on my beautiful natural nails, but over the last year or so they have become fragile and brittle. This cream has worked wonders in combination with the Nail Rebuilding Protein. I used the cream twice a day for 4 weeks, now once at night before bed. My nails have not looked this good in a long time. I don't wear polish as I prefer the natural look, and I no longer need to hide my nails.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
What a finish! -3/13/2008 11:34:35 AM Beautiful, clean finish with the tiniest hint of shimmer--not sparkle. It's not clear but not as opaque as polish either. It really does enhance natural nails.
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Sweet Feet! -1/8/2008 12:54:04 PM This cream is an all-in-one wonder. Keeps skin AND cuticles soft. But the main benefit for those who like to wear closed shoes without socks or stockings is that it completely eliminates food odor. When I take my shoes off at the end of the day, my feet still retain that soft, powdery scent. Yes, it's a bit too heavy to wear with sandals as it allows dirt and dust to stick to your feet, but as a foot cream for night, or with closed shoes, it's terrific.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Seems to Work!! -9/16/2007 5:16:23 AM My boyfriend has fungus on his big toes. he has been using this product for a while now (2 months) and seems to notice a difference. not such discoloration and his toe nail seems to be growing.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
It really works! -12/7/2006 7:10:54 AM My nails split and get really weak. With this cream, they are strong and don't split. I love it.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
loved it -7/30/2006 8:04:38 PM a wonderful foot care cream for tired, dry, and needy feet.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Highly recommended -11/2/2005 4:30:09 AM Works as advertised, feels wonderful, good value. The only reason I dropped it to four stars is that you can't use it during the day with bare feet in sandals. It's very slippery and stays that way all day. I use it every night before bed with excellent results.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
It works -9/7/2005 8:23:17 AM Have used it for a couple months and can notice my nails growing in healthier.
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Additional Barielle Reviews Information

Visit the Barielle Reviews page to add your thoughts about the line. Alternatively, you can visit the specific product page to add a review. Rate the product from one to five stars in three areas: overall rating, ease of use, and price/value. Then, add some comments about your experience with Barielle products. Your review will help potential Barielle users navigate through the variety of products on the market in order to find one that works.

Potential users will find the Barielle Reviews to be quite helpful. The product pages offer descriptions of the products, including ingredients, benefits, and directions for use. However, you can deepen your knowledge of the products by reading reviews from real users. On the Barielle Reviews page, you can scroll through pages of reviews for all Barielle products. If you’re considering a specific product, you can narrow the reviews to just that product. You will see the average rating, ranging from one to five stars, along with the ratings from each Barielle user. After checking out these helpful reviews, you will make a smart decision when purchasing a Barielle product. Being well-informed about the product will help you make the best choice for your skin-care needs.

Barielle helps users improve the look and feel of their hands, feet, and nails. Using natural ingredients, vitamins, botanical oils, and proteins, Barielle has created a healthy line of products that treat your skin without harsh irritants. Many Barielle users have enjoyed success with these products. Learn more about their experiences on the Barielle Reviews page before your make your purchase. After you enjoy similarly successful results, come back to the Barielle Reviews page to share your experience.

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