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Somehow, our sense of smell is right down there deep in our brain, where the emotions live. Use Billy Jealousy Eau De Parfum Products as another level of projecting yourself, and making your own individuality known – subtly, carefully, but so very effectively. The secret about scents is that they may come out the same container as the one everyone else uses, but once they hit your skin, your own pheromones combine with them, making them uniquely your own. After you’ve completed your skin care and your hair is just right, add that extra, devastating element: Billy Jealousy Eau De Parfum Products.

Fair? Of course not! Don’t be silly. This is all about you, and making sure that your own individual scent projects who you are and what you want. Your very own body heat activates the botanical oils and makes them come alive. How sensual is that? The ingredients in Billy Jealousy Eau De Parfum Products are carefully selected to provide the basic elements your own body needs to transform them into your own unique presence. The rest is up to you.

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Additional Billy Jealousy Products Information

The game of scents is as old as humans. For as long as men and women have charmed and flirted, there have been perfumes. Poets and artists have honored the beautiful scents that we have always used to declare our own, special warmth and individuality. Let the special formulas of Billy Jealousy Eau De Parfum Products help you make your own special statement. Refined, subtle and effective, they can be used during the day or as that special touch in the evening.

What perfumers describe as the “top note” of Billy Jealousy Illicit Eau de Parfum has an exotic and even romantic history. Called bergamot, it is a citrus tree with origins deep in the jungles of Southeast Asia. Sometime in the 17th century, it found its way to the ancient city of Bergamo in the Lombardy region of Italy. Now grown in Calabria, this sophisticated scent is provided in a carefully balanced formula combining ivy, ginger, nutmeg and that special touch of sandalwood. The woodsy undertones of sandalwood tame the note of citrus, adding a dark and warm level to the overall scent. Meanwhile, the green and spicy notes provide an extra element that will intrigue and attract. While most eau de toilettes contain just a paltry 12% to 15% of fragrance oils, this eau de parfum has nearly double that amount – making it just as bad as you want it to be. But be careful! Use it sparingly. The scents will combine with your own body heat and pheromones, giving you that very unfair advantage.

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