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First thing in the morning, a shaving razor in your hand, is probably the best time to be ready, and Billy Jealousy Men Pre-Shave Products are the way to go. Would you just charge in to a situation without preparation? Of course not. So why would you take on a situation like shaving without some sort of pre-care? Most of us choose the look of a clean-shaved face (moustaches and goatees excepted), so that means that we have to shave at least part of our faces. The scary thing, let’s face it, is that those parts that we have to shave are the really tender parts: The throat, under the lower lip, right along our chin. Make a wrong move and, ouch! Not pretty.

It’s better to be prepared to face the shave, and Billy Jealousy Men Pre-Shave Products offer the opportunity for making your beard stubble ready for the cut. All it takes is a few moments, and you can help make it that much easier. The formulas of the Billy Jealousy Men Pre-Shave Products provide the ingredients you skin needs.



Additional Billy Jealousy Products Information

You’ve probably seen the old movies about the days when guys used to go to a barber shop for a shave. It was a ritual, as much as a shave. Let the Billy Jealousy Men Pre-Shave Products take you back to those days. After all, it’s a better thing to make sure that the beard stubble is really prepared for the razor: Beard hair is pretty tough stuff, so taking it on without advanced preparation is only asking for trouble. Why take the chance?

Think of laying back in an old-time barber shop chair, while your face is slathered with hot lather, talking about sports. The advantages of Billy Jealousy Hot Towel Pre-Shave Treatment are that they soften the beard stubble with a combination of botanical extracts to provide softening, moisturizing and pre-soothing ingredients for your stubble and skin. It also adds a little bit of great scent of ginger and citrus to make the morning duty refreshing. One caution: You have to use the hot towel with the pre-shave treatment cream. Read the directions carefully to make sure that you have a great shaving experience.

Are you one of those guys with a super-tough beard? Add some extra care before you approach that face with a blade. You can soften the stubble with Billy Jealousy Hot Towel Pre-Shave Treatment – Jumbo Size. You can shave off the fuzz with ease using this water-activated heating agent, for clean, smooth strokes. It’s important to use the hot towel, but not if you have sensitive skin.

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