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blinc reviews

We’re all looking for the perfect cosmetic products that will help us look our best. We all have different expectations and needs when it comes to makeup and with so many choices, it’s not easy to decide what will be best for us. That's why the SkinStore encourages all our customers to write blinc reviews and share their experiences with the eye liners and mascaras, because only you can tell other shoppers your opinion of value versus price. Extra information from shoppers just like you can help you make an informed decision.

blinc reviews are found on this page and within each individual product's description. When you click on a product, you'll see a series of stars right underneath the picture. Here, you can access reviews that others have written and add your own opinion. Read what other people have to say about these cosmetics, and write blinc reviews yourself for each product you've tried.

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Wiscogirl Wisconsin
experimenter Age Group: Under 25Gender: FHair Color: blondeSkin Tone: fairEye Color: blue
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Great! -3/21/2010 5:34:41 PM I love this stuff! It literally can make your eyelashes as long as you want if you keep applying coats. It almost looks creepy if you apply 5 or so coats. The only thing is that I haven't tried any other primers to compare it to... so I can't say for 100 % that this is the best one... but it sure is a good one!
Linda USA
productJunkie Age Group: 45-54Gender: FHair Color: brunetteSkin Tone: mediumEye Color: brown
Pros: good consistency, easy to remove, long lasting Cons: poor coverage
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Cool idea, but not for me. -2/15/2010 12:34:22 PM I wanted to try this tube mascara. Had heard about it from others. It does go on easy and stays on well. But, I have short, straight lashes. After I curl them and put on this mascara, they go straight again. It does not give much fullness either. I do like the whole tube idea. Would be fine if you have long, full lashes already. I do use it over my regular mascara sometimes, and it does ok for that. But, would not buy again.
moonchild Pennsylvania
experimenter Age Group: 35-44Gender: FHair Color: brunetteSkin Tone: lightEye Color: brown
Pros: easy to remove, long lasting
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
versatile -2/7/2010 2:33:55 PM Some reviewers did not like this mascara because it didn't make lashes thick enough. Originally, I was disappointed as well. I already have long eye lashes but they are very thin. However, I coudn't find a mascara besides the waterproof varieties that had staying power. I did not like waterproof because I ended up removing lashes I could not afford to lose. However, I was not willing to give up on a product that worked so well, so I experimented. First, I put on Bare Escentuals Buxom Mascara and then put Blinc on over it. It works just the same as using Blinc alone except that I now have long,thick eye lashes that do not flake or leave dark smudges under my eyes. And if you want a natural look you can still use it alone.
Lia21 Vancouver, BC
experimenter Gender: FHair Color: brunetteSkin Tone: fairEye Color: blue
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Best Everyday Mascara -4/30/2009 9:19:33 PM I've been using this mascara for years now and it really is an excellent product. I wear it everyday and if I want extra oomph for the evening, I use an eyelash curler. I'm going to order the primer and see if it helps add volume. It has never flaked for me. Here's a tip: If the tubes don't come off easily, try wetting your lashes and leaving for a few seconds. The tubes will swell and should slip off really easily.
aquamay Irving, Tx
brandLoyalist Age Group: 25-34Gender: FHair Color: brunetteSkin Tone: lightEye Color: deep brown
Pros: easy to remove, long lasting, no messy
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Perfectly natural looking -4/2/2009 3:43:46 PM This mascara is perfect for those appreciate natural, clean look on their eye lashes. Exactly as described: easy to apply, no clumsy raccoon eyes, no need for mascara remover--just water and gently pulling motion to remove. It won't give you a super dramatic effect but it is perfect for office environment and people who want to look natural. It really naturally enhances and brightens your eye. I don't wear makeups but I've been wearing this everyday. Just love it
Stormy Seattle
productJunkietop250Contributor Age Group: 45-54Gender: FHair Color: brunetteSkin Tone: fairEye Color: brown
Pros: easy to remove
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
No more raccoon eyes -2/13/2009 9:51:56 AM I use this primarily over my other mascara as a "sealant". I will occasionally use this alone, but it does nothing to augment my thin sparse lashes by itself. Quite pricey and tends to dry out pretty quickly in the tube. But I will probably continue to purchase this to use over my base mascara. Does a good job of not running or smudging. Fairly easy to remove at night.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
It's alright -11/14/2008 8:20:38 AM Doesn't smudge, looks nice and clean, but not as dramatic, thickening, or lengthening as I'd like, which I understand is typical for tubing mascaras. A couple of my friends that were never able to find mascaras that they like both loved this one, (we're all asian) so I tried it, but thought it was just ok. The problem might be the brush. Probably won't buy again, but could see why some people like this so much.
Irma G
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Waste of money -9/11/2008 10:29:12 AM I tried it and it was hard to use. It would heat too much and burn if you left it too long. The little brush that's by where it gets hot is in the way. It was just very hard to use.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
No smudging, but no volume -9/9/2008 6:18:15 AM This is a great mascara if you have sensitive eyes. Unfortunately, this mascara gives no volume at all to the lashes. My husband even commented on how small my normally large eyes appeared. I switched back to my volume-enhancing mascara and bought eye makeup wipes for any occassional smudging.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
no flaking and stays put!!! -8/29/2008 5:02:50 AM This mascara stays on until you take it off and it comes off very easily with a damp cloth/some gentle cleanser (unlike waterproof mascaras that take off half your lashes). Now the only downfall is that it doesn't give you dramatic lashes. If you want dramatic lashes then Loreal Volume Shocking Mascara is the way to go.
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