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When specific spots on the skin are subjected to constant pressure or rubbing, calluses, corns and very dry, cracked and thick skin conditions can develop. These look unpleasant and feel uncomfortable, and can sometimes cause further difficulties if not addressed. The series of files, buffers and rasps offered by Bliss Diamancel Products were designed by Ginette Godbout, a leading manicurist with many years of experience with these conditions. These high quality skin care tools allow individuals to treat and control these problem calluses, corns and areas of very rough and dry skin at home.

The Bliss Diamancel Express Products are designed and manufactured to last, and to provide efficient, effective and safe means of removing the dead, thick layers of skin that form these conditions. Since the skin cells are dead (the technical term is “terminally differentiated keratinocyes”), they can be physically abraded to reduce or remove them safely, without pain or danger. Bliss Diamancel Express Shopper files, buffers and rasps come in a series of degrees of roughness, to allow individuals to choose the right level of abrasion that is correct for a specific condition.

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Treating and controlling calluses, corns and thick, rough and cracked areas of skin should be incorporated into a regular skin care regimen. With the help of Bliss Diamancel Products, these conditions can be treated at home, simply and efficiently.

The most popular tool is the Bliss Diamancel #2 File – Medium. It can be used for filing and shaping regular nails and is particularly useful for the times between professional manicures. Instructions are included with the file. To shape and shear sculptured nails and to take care of touch toenails, Bliss Diamancel #3 File – Coarse can be used. Manufactured to last for years, it can be used every day to keep nails smooth and snag-free.

The nickel-coated, flexible fiberglass Bliss Diamancel #10 Classic Buffer is electroplated with industrial grade diamond chips. It easily buffs away calluses caused by walking, sports or other activities that create a rubbing action against a specific spot on the skin. On thin, smooth and hairless (glabrous) skin areas, such as the tops of the toes or the outer edge of the little toe, a corn can form. Much like a callus, corns tend to be round or elliptical and usually have a hard kernel imbedded in the core of the raised area.

The slightly coarser Bliss Diamancel #11 Tough Buffer can easily remove the dead skin forming the corn, including the hard kernel, providing fast relief from the pressure and pain. Use the Bliss Diamancel #20 Callus Rasp on the toughest calluses, corns and rough skin areas.

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