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Under the skin pockets of dense adipose tissue, which are comprised of about 80% fat molecules, are a natural and necessary part of women’s bodies. Even so, these deposits can become the sites of dimples, puckers and cellulite. Bliss FatGirl Products help deal with these issues, to not only improve their appearance but control their size.

While diet and exercise can go far to help in the overall approach to the problem, it’s the details that also need attention, which is where Bliss FatGirl Products can help. In addition to reducing, moving and changing the appearance of the adipose deposits themselves, the skin also needs to be considered. Since skin is able to stretch to a remarkable degree, it can expand to accommodate increased size. When this happens, though, the structural tissues – called collagen and elastin – are stretched and sometimes damaged. This is what causes the condition called cellulite. Bliss FatGirl Products help to strengthen elastin and collagen and stimulate the production of new tissue of this type. As adipose tissue is reduced and restructured, the skin is able to remain firm and supple.

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Additional Bliss Products Information

The dimples, puckers and cellulite are discouraging, yes, but they are manageable. As part of a diet and exercise program, the spa-tested Bliss FatGirl Products can help reduce the physical appearance of these problems and help the skin regain its tone. The formulas work night and day to help you regain the smooth, beautiful skin you work so hard to have.

At the heart of the effectiveness of Bliss FatGirl Slim is a proprietary technology called QuSomes™. This system encapsulates the active ingredients so they can be easily absorbed into the skin tissues. Apply the cream twice a day onto problem areas, massaging 20 to 30 seconds to allow thorough absorption. The formula contains caffeine, which medical studies have shown to help prevent the accumulation of fat deposits. Caprylic/capric triglyceride, derived from coconut, helps encourage exfoliation, renewing and smoothing the skin surface. Bupleurum falcatum root extract from China also provides an anti-inflammatory benefit.

For overnight conditioning, Bliss FatGirl Sleep contains the encapsulated SlenderiZZZe complex, which is released during the night up to 6 hours. The formula promotes the breakdown of fat and reduces fat storage, excess water retention and inflammation. At the same time, the gentle lavender scent provides an aromatherapeutic benefit while you sleep, helping to calm and relax your mood.

While the creams work from within, you can help contribute to the cause with the Bliss Stimulator. This rubber cellulite scrubber has gentle, flexible rubber knobs to wake up the circulation and move fat-trapping fluids out of problem areas.

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