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Bliss Foot Care

The feet are quite possibly the most neglected of all body parts. Most of us have feet that take a beating on a daily basis and this can result in calluses, dry and thick skin as well as overall fatigue. Bliss Foot Care was designed to pamper our most neglected body parts and restore them to a healthier state.

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Bliss Foot Care Products

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Dissolves dry, hardened heels with a few flicks of the wrist and works wonders on corns.
1 ct | BS079
An industrial-strength, furiously fast-acting foot file that takes care of thick, dry, and cracked callus buildup.
1 ct | BS080
Provides sturdy swipes of smoothing, for feet that look much better in the buff.
1 ct | BS081

Additional Bliss Foot Care Information

Due to the friction of wearing shoes, thick skin can begin to appear on the feet and develop into uncomfortable calluses. Bliss Foot Care products are effective on even the thickest, most stubborn calluses. Effectively reducing calluses requires a regular commitment to reducing the dead and thick skin that tends to be particularly prominent on the heels. The Bliss Foot Care program eliminates the dull and thick skin while improving the natural soft and supple nature of the feet. Dry and cracked feet can also benefit from Bliss Foot Care. Cracks often form as the result of loss of moisture. The skin becomes so dry that it eventually develops fissures. Restoring proper hydration levels is essential for problem free feet. With Bliss Foot Care, everyone can enjoy healthy and comfortable feet even during temperature extremes and times of hard-on-your feet physical activities.

With all of the time that many of us spend on our beauty routines, it is very common to neglect the lowest parts of our bodies. Bliss Foot Care is an effective program for getting the feet in shape and preventing future problems.

Bliss Diamancel #11 Tough Buffer is effective on the most stubborn of calluses and thickened skin on the heels. It even works on painful corns. The Tough Buffer comes in the form of a paddle. Simply buff the affected area and no time, thick, dead skin cells are polished away to eliminate troubled spots and encourage a smooth and soft skin surface. Corns can be reduced without cutting. Bliss Diamancel #11 Tough Buffer is a flexible file made out of fiberglass. It is nickel coated for outstanding quality. It contains real diamond chips that are incredibly tough and effective on stubborn thickened skin.

After reducing the thick, callused skin on your feet, treat them to a pampering product that will restore vitality and prevent problems in the future. Bliss Foot Patrol is the perfect solution at the end of the day when the feet are tired and achy. It is formulated with stimulating peppermint oil as well as exfoliating acids that help to reduce the build up of dead skin cells. Bliss Foot Patrol softens the skin, making it more pliable and supple. In just one application, the feet look and feel healthier. Deep moisturizers penetrate the skin to eliminate dryness. It can be used all over the feet to eliminate roughness and prevent the formation of calluses.

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