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Cleanliness is at the very basis of beautiful skin and dermal vitality. Soap bars and washes are quite effective at removing surface dirt and grime. However, it’s also a good idea to apply a toning/clarifying solution to the skin weekly to finish up the cleansing process by eliminating all traces of dirt and grime, especially in the nooks and crannies of the skin’s pores and wrinkles. Finding a quality solution, such as those offered in the line of Bliss Toners/Clarifiers Products, to do so is nearly as important as using one in the first place. Toning/clarifying formulas not only finish off the cleansing process, but they also prep the skin to absorb other skin care ingredients from treatments, moisturizers, and in sun products. As you can see, it takes a whole regimen of beauty solutions to keep your skin healthy.

As you begin to use Bliss Toners/Clarifiers Products on a weekly basis, you will discover that they don’t dry out the skin like lesser brands. Therefore, Bliss Toners/Clarifiers Products are good for all skin types, including normal, dry and sensitive.


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When you suffer from oil production that has gone out of whack, your skin begins to shine and almost glow in the dark. When that happens, you know that it is time to get serious and bring in a reliable toning and clarifying solution to help you gain control once again. Bliss Toners/Clarifiers Products have been formulated with ingredients that are gentle on the skin while being tough on out-of-control oil production. Together, these ingredients create a line of defense that is quite effective in minimizing oily shine, acne breakouts, and clogged pores. Please remember that this type of skin care solution is meant to complement your basic cleansing formulas for the best results.

For a skin-clearing experience that has you singing the praises of this product, treat your skin to Bliss Steep Clean Toner Pads. Offering fifty toner pads that have been soaked in salicylic acid, dead cell digesting enzymes, and smartsponge self-activating oil-control spheres, this product balances the skin’s oil supplies by preventing excess sebum from occurring on the face. In turn, this oil control helps to prevent bacterial growth and infection, while maintaining the normal balance of the skin.

Smartsponge technology involves the use of an advanced sebum regulating system that clears up excess oils without drying out the skin. It targets only the oily places on your face, approaching them almost as if they have a map to follow, enabling the clear spots remain perfectly hydrated. Enlarged pores gradually return to smaller sizes as acne-causing oils and bacteria are put under control.

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