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As a leader in the world of clinical dermatology, Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas has expertise in molecular science, clinical practice and product development. With her scientific expertise and research, she was able to create 37 Actives, an enhanced, high performance line of anti-aging treatment creams that deliver targeted ingredients directly into the skin to reverse the signs of aging. 37 Actives combines the world's 50 best anti-aging ingredients into one single jar.

If you are looking for skincare products that work hard, consider adding 37 Actives into your daily skin care regimen. Formulated by a top dermatologist, these products are designed to keep your skin looking even, youthful, and vibrant. Using high-quality, enhanced ingredients, these formulas work to nourish and rebuild your skin while protecting it from future damage. Made in the United States of America from locally sourced ingredients, 37 Actives products offer safe and paraben-free skin care. These products are also free from any animal-derived substances, propylene glycol, fragrance, and plastics, allowing you to feel comfortable and confident with what you are putting on your skin. This focus on environmental safety is further demonstrated with the use of USDA-certified organic plant extracts, a recyclable glass jar, and plant-derived preservatives. Through every step of the process, 37 Actives products have been designed with sustainability in mind.

Relying on cutting-edge scientific research, 37 Actives products are designed using the world's 50 best anti-aging active ingredients. They are included in their most potent levels allowed, providing the best possible anti-aging care. 37 Actives formulas are built to last. Two years after opening the jar, the ingredients remain 100 percent active. This allows you to trust the formula's potency, even after it has been sitting in your cupboard. These formulas can help with a range of age-related skin issues. The active ingredients address fine lines and wrinkles and work to restore cellular activity. If you experience skin discoloration, 37 Actives products work to even out red skin and brown blotches, leaving you with an even complexion.

If you find that you are juggling numerous creams, serums and lotions every morning and evening, it may be time to simplify your skin care routine. You may think that multiple treatments are necessary to help skin remain youthful and supple. However, this is not the case. Drawing from her extensive background in molecular biology and dermatology, Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas has developed 37 Actives Products, a range of skincare that delivers everything your skin needs to combat the aging process in one cream. Dr. Macrene holds three Harvard qualifications that show she knows her stuff when it comes to beauty treatments: a Bachelor of Arts, a medical degree and a doctorate in genetics. Within 37 Actives Products you will find scientifically-proven ingredients that nourish and fortify the skin cells, helping them to resist damage with results the onset of signs associated with the aging process.

The original formula for 37 Actives Products has been reviewed and updated on a regular basis to ensure that it remains at the cutting edge of skin care technology. The formula now includes over 50 ingredients that work to repair, treat and protect your skin at a cellular level.

When you apply 37 Actives Products to your skin, you can be confident that you are delivering the best ingredients that skin science has to offer. The treatments in the range are regularly reviewed and new developments in skin care science are incorporated into the patented formulas, taking the effort out of skin care for the consumer.

There are many signs that age is starting to have an effect on your skin, including the development of lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, age spots, sagging skin, and photo damage. With 37 Actives - Original, you will find the solution to all of these skin concerns in one product. This highly effective formula combines advanced ingredients, such as peptides and polyphenols, with natural extracts, such as blue algae, cocoa, sunflower, mushroom and sandalwood. Every ingredient has been extensively tested to ensure that it delivers measurable results that can be replicated as part of a daily skin care regimen.

If your skin tends to be dry or dehydrated, use 37 Actives - Extra Rich to deliver intense hydration while combating the signs of aging. With over 50 active ingredients that work to enhance the condition of your skin, this cream enables you to simplify your beauty routine without compromising on its effectiveness.

In order to get better value on 37 Actives - Extra Rich, you can choose the larger size. You will receive the same advanced formulation in a larger glass jar.

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