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Kat Burki

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Kat Burki utilizes Applied Nutritional Sciences to deliver the most effective formulations for the skin through technology and cutting-edge nutritional research. Intelligent ingredient combining to create super nutrient complexes, are then cold-processed <120° to ensure maximum efficacy for optimal skin health.

The meticulously crafted skincare ingredients stem from Kat’s early disciplined training in Nutrition. Her passion for health and wellness led her into a career as a Healthcare Attorney joining scientist and epidemiologist researching the rise of food related diseases. She was particularly interested in the role nutrition played world-wide in both health and disease and how this could be linked to the food supply that was indigenous to that particular region.

Borrowing from cutting-edge nutritional research and understanding the degrading effects that over-processing and heat have on vital nutrients and antioxidants in our food, Kat began a certified method of Cold-Processing formulations under temperatures less than 120 degrees to ensure paramount vitality from ones skincare.

Kat formulates with careful ingredient combining, understanding the important relationship ingredients have on one another, choosing potent anti-aging agents that once combined form “super-ingredients”. Likewise, no filler ingredients are used including water, to maximize each formulation with therapeutically dense complexes. The end results are products with the highest level of efficacy and solid science in their formulations for skin that is healthy and repaired from free radical, oxidative and environmental damage.

Our Mission:

To Help You Discover Your Skin’s Full Potential.

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