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me smooth is the only at-home hair removal device to use patented elos technology that is clinically proven and FDA cleared to be safe and effective for all skin types and tones. Gentle, easy to use and just minutes a treatment, now you can experience the freedom of silky, smooth skin without the hassles of shaving and waxing.

What is me smooth? me smooth is the most advanced technology you can use at home to remove unwanted hair. It is easy to use and gentle on your skin. Unlike regular shaving, you'll experience no painful nicks and unlike waxing, you'll experience no stinging. You'll feel just a gentle warming sensation to let you know it's working. me smooth can be used on both men and women.

How does it work? me smooth is the first hair removal device to use patented elos technology, which combines Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF) energies to target the hair follicle and damage it with heat. Just select an appropriate level of intensity and glide the applicator along the area you want to treat. Use in combination with the me smooth Shaver Attachment to turn your me smooth device into an all-in-one hair removal unit. This device can be used on the underarm, bikini area, legs, arms and chest. Use it once a week for just a few minutes each treatment and experience smooth, silky skin after seven weeks. One device can be used by the entire family - just replace the me smooth Replacement Cartridge as needed.

Is me smooth right for me? me smooth is the only at-home hair removal device approved by the FDA to work on all skin tones. It is dermatologist recommended and proven to be safe and effective. It is a cost effective alternative to in-office hair removal procedures, which can cost thousands of dollars. Try it for yourself and if you're not satisfied, you can return it within one month and receive a full refund.

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