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Topix skin care is all about results oriented formulas that produce impressive results. Over 20 years of expertise have gone into developing the Topix brand of skin care. The Replenix line focuses on rejuvenating aging skin with the use of green tea along with other powerful ingredients. Topix retinol products work by encouraging skin cell turnover, which results in increased firmness, less noticeable wrinkles and smaller pore size. Topix Glycolix products use glycolic acid to smooth, exfoliate and refine the skin. All Glycolix products are clinically proven effective to address specific issues and restore health and vitality to the skin. Topix products will allow you to rediscover your most beautiful skin.

Topix has become a leader in skincare by consistently raising the bar in product quality and purity. The company has made a commitment to producing products that are as safe as they are effective, which is why their formulas are manufactured only in facilities that use the latest in manufacturing technology and that are registered with the FDA. By adhering to all of the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines, Topix delivers formulas that are always potent, always pure and always full of the finest cosmeceutical ingredients.

Many of the Topix skincare lines have revolutionized the industry by offering new approaches for dermatological concerns. The SRS, or Skin Repair System, line uses advanced complexes to help damaged, stressed skin recover. The products simultaneously restore the skin's innate protective barrier and provide antioxidant protection to lessen the chances of further damage. For those with breakouts, the Solvere system helps to address blemishes through a powerful blend of glycolic and salicylic acids and benzoyl peroxide. Frequently recommended by dermatologists, the Solvere system addresses current blemishes and normalizes the skin to cut down on future breakouts.

If you're ready to experience the absolute latest in skincare science, the Topix skincare collection is waiting for you to discover it. To create your ideal daily regimen, find the line of formulas developed for your specific skincare concerns. By combining daily use formulas like cleansers and moisturizers, you can create a customized routine to produce the best possible results.

Creating a comprehensive beauty care regimen filled with quality products is so much easier when you select your formulas from the same brand, primarily because many of them have been designed to perform well together. Choosing beauty care items from the comprehensive array of available Topix Products delivers high performing concoctions filled with skin-rejuvenating ingredients that help to restore your dermal vitality. From the Replenix line that transforms tired looking skin to a more youthful appearance to the Glycolix line that has been designed to exfoliate and refine the skin for a smoother, more even look, the full set of Topix Products delivers restorative solutions designed to refresh the natural beauty of your skin easily and proficiently.

No matter what type of skincare you currently need, one of the existing Topix Products should be able to satisfy it. Please look through the following collection for a beauty product that meets your needs.

For high performance and exceptional results that recreate your skin with fresher looking beauty, you should consider using one or more of the available line of Topix Products starting as soon as possible.

Offering a light, fresh scent, Topix Glycolix Elite Facial Toner gently removes impurities and oils from the skin's surface, leaving it feeling crisp and clean. Containing comfrey and chamomile, this toning product soothes the skin while refreshing it through its infusion of witch hazel and glycolic acid. This toning solution, which contains Co-Q10, green tea extract, and vitamins A, C, and E, is suitable for all types of skin.

If you are searching for a convenient way to gently deliver effective exfoliation and moisturizing capability to your skin, then you might be interested in trying the mild solution contained in Topix Glycolix Elite Treatment Pads 10%. It delivers exceptional skin toning through its inclusion of witch hazel and prepares the skin for additional beauty products. Containing liposomal vitamins, Co-Q10 and green tea extract, these treatment pads assist in the removal of the dead cells that dull natural, supple beauty of your skin.

Sloughing off spent skin cells is an important part of revealing younger looking skin, making Topix Replenix Fortified Exfoliation Scrub an essential part of any good beauty care routine. Infused with green and white tea, its clay base produces heat that offers a soothing wave of cleansing capability, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Impurities and oil residue are removed along with dead skin cells, delivering a healthier looking complexion. Perfect for use in the shower, this exfoliating scrub is gentle and effective.

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