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On the list of “unfair,” cellulite is certainly at or near the top. The unsightly bumpy skin condition on buttocks, thighs and even the stomach can be so embarrassing. The appearance of this condition can be treated with Caudalie Paris Firming/Cellulite Products, relieving you from the structure that causes this condition. The first step in overcoming this condition is understanding its cause. Unfortunately, a great deal of the origin of cellulite is derived from genetics and hormones.

While Caudalie Paris Firming/Cellulite Products can’t change your genes, they can provide physical relief to the structure of your skin. If it is any comfort, you should know that between 80% and 90% of all adult women have some “expression” (that is, a visible sign) of cellulite. Beyond that basic tendency, cellulite can be exacerbated by extreme dieting, the use of hormonal contraceptives and even surgery that affects the connective tissue of your skin, such as breast enhancement, “tummy tucks,” facelifts and even liposuction. Yes, the very attempt to overcome cellulite can actually contribute to its creation. The action of Caudalie Paris Firming/Cellulite Products provide alternative treatments.

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The natural condition known as cellulite occurs on the basic cellular level. For some reasons – apparently associated with hormones, genetics and sometimes stress caused by our very attempts to overcome the appearance of that dratted skin condition – the skin fibers react in such a way to create the appearance of cellulite. The botanical ingredients in the Caudalie Paris Firming/Cellulite Products work at the basic cell level of treatment, providing relief to the structure of skin tissue and helping to melt away the basic causes of the unsightly appearance of cellulite.

At this point, consider the humble ingredient of grape seed oil. The treatment offered by Caudalie Firming Concentrate was invented by Jean-Baptiste Camile Carot, the founder of one of the most famous spas in the wine country of France, nearby to Paris and just a short jaunt from Versailles. His vision of the curative value of grape seed oil has been borne out from decades of practical application. His treatment is based on the scientific study of the cause of the appearance of cellulite: The collagen cells, which provide the firming structure in skin tissue, can sometimes become stiffened by hormonal changes. This stiffening traps layers of lipids in the skin, forcing these layers to bulge out onto the surface and expressing an unsightly uneven surface. The use of grape seed oil and additionally Douglas fir (Pesudotsuga menziesii) essential oil activates the relaxation of the fine vascular system. This provides a soothing, anti-inflammatory effect on the tissues, allowing the collagen cells to slowly relax.

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