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Celazome reviews

Changing your skin care regime can be a daunting prospect. You may be certain that your skin needs a boost, but how do you know if the new product will be right for your skin type? Can you be sure that you will get value for money? Will it be simple to apply? If you want to incorporate Celazome products in to your skin care routine, but are unsure whether they will be right for you, take a little time to read through the Celazome Reviews left by our customers.

Our reviews allow customers to explain what they like or dislike about the product and whether they would recommend it to a friend. You can learn from the Celazome Reviews whether previous customers found the product easy to use, effective, and value for money. Gain confidence in your choices by reading of the experiences of real customers in the Celazome Reviews.

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Awesome -5/19/2005 8:32:28 AM Highly recommended. Works extremely well and not greasy.
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Great Stuff! -5/12/2005 6:11:22 PM This stuff works! Immediate results after use. My skin is very clear and soft from using this. It's a great "chemical peel". This masque is a great buy, considering the results!
Mrs O
Overall Rating Overall Rating
A secret no more! -4/2/2005 6:26:04 AM Several years ago (eight or so) I began purchasing this product from a women's specialty catalog. I was astonished with the soothing effect I got from even the first few swipes. As time went on, I became even more astonished that my new discovery remained a relative unknown. Imagine the sting of a sunburned face, and then patting it down with cool yogurt. That's the effect this mask has on me. It soothes. And at the same time it exfoliates. In my experience, "soothe" and "exfoliate" are rarely part of the same experience! A few times I've even left it on overnight, waking to find my skin hydrated & smoothe to the touch. I have sensitive, troubled, combination skin. The masks I've used for acne dry my skin out, any AHAs leave my skin irritated, & all can cause cystic and/or topical allergic reactions. For me, the use of enzyme-rich products has been the solution. Celazome Exfoliating Mask, which is based on enzyme technology, was out there way before others of it's kind. The ingredients are minimal (less chance of allergic reactions) & effective. I still consider it to be among the best masks. For me, maybe THE best. I can only imagine the results a normal or dry complexion might enjoy. While Celazome offers other products as well, I must say I've never tried them. Some contain ingredients I know I must personally avoid, & others have previuosly been unavailable. I'm glad to see this company joining SkinStore's product lineup.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Great for Spots! -3/9/2005 11:31:08 AM FINALLY! I have an oily complexion and have tried EVERTYTHING to clear it up. I wouldnt get 1 spot - i would get a cluster. This product cleared me up within 2 weeks. I am no glad i found something that works for me!
Tammy L.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
So - So -12/17/2004 12:41:50 PM Helped some but not enough as I thought it would.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Not as good as I hoped -12/3/2004 6:34:04 AM I've been using this for a little over a month now and have seen no decrease of my under eye circles. I'm very disappointed. Its just not as good as I'd hoped.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Couldn't believe it... -9/21/2004 10:51:34 AM I read a RAVE review about this serum from a cosmetics newsletter, bought it immedialty and literally I couldn't believe my eyes! I have never seen anything work like this product does on my dark circles and puffiness. If you are an allergy like me with those stubborn dark circles - I think you will notice this product makes HUGE difference in just a matter of days! I order it in 3's now - I can't risk being without it!
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that's really good -9/15/2004 7:29:09 AM My dermathologist in Brazil recomended, it's supposed to be the best because with all of those beachs and 12 sunny months by year a my brazilian skin needs the best protector.
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MUST HAVE, MUST USE -7/14/2004 6:06:00 AM This is an awesome - a must have! - for all its wonderful properties: true moisturizing, non-irritating, high sun protection factor, & BEST OF ALL, 1 application lasts all day, even through water sports! Thus making the bottle last a long time! The price is worth it considering you can apply it once & not have to reapply it again all day & not worry about burning.
Diane K
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Really works -1/3/2004 3:37:18 PM I am a tennis player who lives in Florida and have been using the spf30 sunscreen for a year. It is very effective and does stay on and protects my skin from burning thruout the year--a great product.
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Additional Celazome Reviews Information

It is easy to access the Celazome Reviews left by other customers. Reviews for the whole range of Celazome products are listed on this page. Simply browse through them to find out what others think of the products in the range. Alternatively, Celazome Reviews can be found on every product page. You can simply click on the Reviews tab on the product page to instantly access feedback that previous customers have left for that specific product. By comparing these reviews, you can decide whether the particular product will be suitable for your skin type and meet your skin care needs.

If you have experience of using any product in the Celazome range, we would encourage you to add to the Celazome Reviews. Your open and honest feedback will help other shoppers understand how these products work. Input from other customers is a valuable guide for anyone considering a change in their beauty routine.

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