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The team of chemists and physicians at DS Laboratories don't see themselves as working for just a skin care company. The philosophy at the cosmeceutical skin and hair care company has always been that the products made by the brand are technological, scientific solutions for the complexion and hair. This means that everything with the DS Laboratories name is formulated based on rigorous testing and contains specialized ingredients that aren't found in other products on the market. Their unique formulas allow DS Laboratories Cleansers Products to more effectively clean the skin with every wash without removing moisture and nutrients from the tissue.

The DS Laboratories Cleansers Products are safe for all skin types and recommended by many dermatologists. Whether your skin is prone to excess oil, frequently plagued by hypersensitivity reactions or chronically dry, the cleansers can help to remove impurities from the skin and improve its overall health. With regular use, the DS Laboratories Cleansers Products can leave the skin looking brighter and more even in tone while smoothing and softening the tissue. Shop this cosmeceutical cleansing collection today!

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Additional DS Laboratories Products Information

Because of their scientifically-based formulas, the DS Laboratories Cleansers Products can improve the health of your skin while they cleanse.

DS Laboratories Hydroviton CR is designed to change the way you think about cleansing your skin. The formula is designed to function as a cleanser and a treatment at the same time, so that it can gradually improve the texture and tone of your complexion each time you use it. Safe for all skin types, the cleanser will not leave the skin parched or layered with a greasy residue that refuses to wash away.

The surfactants found in DS Laboratories Hydroviton CR effectively cleanse the pores, loosening dirt, dead skin cells and makeup residue that have become lodged inside their openings. By purifying the pores, the cleanser can decrease the frequency of acne breakouts and diminish the appearance of enlarged pores. Rosemary extract is included in the formula to disinfect the skin with its antibacterial properties, while chamomile extract calms skin irritation and helps to diminish redness. The effects of chamomile combined with the gentle nature of the cleanser make the formula ideal for those with rosacea and can help alleviate some of the symptoms of the condition.

The DS Laboratories Hydroviton CR contains moisturizers to help restore skin to its ideal hydration levels. The formula also repairs the skin's natural moisture barrier, decreasing the likelihood of the tissue becoming dehydrated in the future. The cleanser is intended for use twice per day and comes in a 2.8-ounce tube.

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