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Of all common skin flaws, the most dreaded and the most hated is the appearance of cellulite. To help women fight back against this condition, DS Laboratories Firming/Cellulite Products were developed. As a science-based company with a 50-year tradition of research and innovation, their researchers have studied cellulite and developed a therapy to reduce its severity. Although dermatologists have determined that cellulite cannot be “cured” in the sense that it can be prevented, DS Laboratories Firming/Cellulite Products are designed to help change the physical structure of the tissues to minimize its appearance.

The world “unfair” is so commonly associated with the condition simply because it is unfair: Dermatological studies have shown that it appears almost exclusively in women, it is most often associated with hormones (and not even hormonal imbalance) and genetic predisposition and that between 80% and 90% of all women show some signs of cellulite. What is worse, the very act of dieting as a means of reducing its appearance can even make it worse. The approach of DS Laboratories Firming/Cellulite Products is to help change the physical structure of cellulite.

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The condition called cellulite (technically called adiposis edematosa) is caused when subcutaneous fat herniates, or breaks through, the walls of the connective tissue under the surface of the skin. This causes the fat layer to become uneven and for “lumps” of fat to form, causing nodules and dimples. The approach of DS Laboratories Firming/Cellulite Products is to help change that physical structure and reduce the appearance of those visible signs of uneven fat distribution.

Using a selected formula of botanical and marine algae extracts, combined with laboratory developed ingredients, DS Laboratories Oligo DX® is designed to dissolve and eliminate mis-distributed fat and excess retained liquids from the layer just below the skin. The ingredients contained in the gel-like treatment are delivered to the fatty layer through the use of a proprietary technology called Nanosomes (a robust form of liposome micro-spheres), which allows the active ingredients to be absorbed and begin to activate quickly and efficiently.

Following their treatment schedule of daily application after bathing for at least 60 days, the laboratory reports visible improvement in the appearance of cellulite and an increase in the firmness of the skin surface with 89% of users of this therapy. Treatments can be repeated once or twice a year for periods of 30 days. The laboratory cautions that women using this product may experience increased amount of urination, as the formula causes the lipids (fats) and liquids to be eliminated. They also indicate that moisturizers and moisturizing soaps should not be used during the time that this product is being used.

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