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Some people cleanse their skin and then apply moisturizer – but they’ve forgotten a step. Cleansers don’t always remove all traces of make-up, sebum and impurities. That’s where a toner or clarifier comes in. Toners and clarifiers further purify your skin for further treatments like moisturizers. The also help to re-balance skin and return it to its optimal pH. Neostrata has developed a line of toners and clarifiers that gently remove residual impurities while rebalancing skin so you can get the full benefits of further treatments. These toners and clarifiers do their job gently without irritating even sensitive skin. Regardless of your skin type, there’s a toner and clarifier that will work for your skin. Which should you choose? One resource you can use to help you make your selection is the Exuviance Neostrata Toners and Clarifiers Reviews page.

Begin your exploration of the products by reading the product descriptions and familiarizing yourself with their benefits. Then visit the Exuviance Neostrata Toners and Clarifiers Reviews page where other shoppers share their experiences with the products. You’ll find customer-generated ratings on the products along with customers’ personal insights on how well the product performed for them. What could be better than that? The Exuviance Neostrata Toners and Clarifiers Reviews page is an additional resource you can use to make your product selection.

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Highly recommended -7/10/2004 11:23:54 AM I have very dry skin that is sensitive to some ingredients, but, overall, not "problem" skin, so I'm extremely fortunate. My husband and friends always comment that I could use anything and my skin would look great. I must say, however, that I surprised them all with this product line. Like I said, I've never had to "worK" on my skin very much, but with this line my skin looked so much brighter than ever that everyone says I have a "glow" and want to know what I use. The scent of all the products (that I've used so far) in this line is so light; they're refreshing without being overpowering. My skin looks better than ever - clear, radiant, healthy. And the sensitive skin products truly soothe and comfort. I LOVE this line! I usually use the gentle cleansing cream, protective day cream for sensitive skin, and soothing toning lotion. If you have "problem" skin, normal skin, or great skin - I promise you'll love these products!
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Highly recommend -1/13/2004 12:21:05 PM Almost wipes wrinkles away, especially after a night of partying.
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Highly recommended -1/4/2004 8:19:06 PM This is great product and the whole product line is great as well!
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Really does work!!! -10/3/2003 12:16:53 PM This will amaze you!!
Monica Calle
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Monica's Rating -5/9/2001 11:24:42 AM It leave my body smeeling wonderful.
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Additional Exuviance by NeoStrata Reviews Information

Confused about how to choose a toner or clarifier? Sometimes you need information that goes beyond the product description. That’s where the Exuviance Neostrata Toners and Clarifiers Reviews come in. When you need help choosing skin products, why not ask someone who’s already used them? On the reviews page you’ll find customer-generated product ratings and insightful comments on how the products worked for them. You can access this growing list of reviews before making a purchase to guide you in making the best choices.

To access reviews on all the products in the toner and clarifier line, click on the Exuviance Neostrata Toners and Clarifiers Reviews link on the introductory page. You can also access reviews on a specific product in the line by clicking on the “reviews” tab adjacent to the product description. Each review includes three product ratings based on ease-of-use, value and an overall product rating for comparison purposes. Want to find out how a product performs for people with skin similar to your own? Each reviewer includes information about her age range and skin type so you can choose reviewers who are most like you. For your convenience, you can sort the reviews based on publication date or by highest ranked products to personalize your review experience.

Want to give back to the community? Once you’ve experienced the products, feel free to leave Exuviance Neostrata Toners and Clarifiers Reviews of your own. To leave a review, simply log into your account and look for the “write a review” tab on the product page. Once you’ve reached the review box, feel free to share your insights and experiences with others. By doing so you’ll be helping others choose products that are best for their own skin care needs.

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