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One of the worst things you can do for your skin is lie in the sun or a tanning booth - but that doesn’t mean you can’t still sport a golden tan when you step outside. Instead of sweating it out in the sun, smooth on a Fake Bake Self Tanner and get a sun-free tan that lasts for days. With this line of self tanners, you control the depth of your tan – from a subtle hint of color to a deep, golden bronze that looks like you just flew in from the tropics. Choose a spray, gel, mousse, lotion of butter to turn up the color of your skin. They’ll all give you a safe, indoor tan. Instead of drying your skin out and damaging it like the sun does, Fake Bake Self Tanners keep your skin soft and silky smooth. Find out what other shoppers are saying about this line of self-tanners by visiting the Fake Bake Self Tanners Reviews page.

Before checking out, visit the Fake Bake Self Tanners Reviews page and find out what other customers are saying about the products you’ve selected. This is where shoppers like you voice their opinion about products by writing reviews and rating products from one to five stars. When you visit this page, you’ll get an inside look at how products perform. To get there from the introductory page, click on the Fake Bake Self Tanners Reviews page. You can read reviews for a specific product by clicking on the “reviews” tab on any product description page.

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fake and bake it till u make it! -9/4/2006 11:55:57 AM fake and bake is really good.. i just used it last night and i thought it wasnt goin to be what i have expected but it turned out great! i love it.. it doesnt even have a bad smell once u take a shower after the application... and the color is nice! it looks so natural. It looks like i just got back from hawaii. This is a MUST if your looking for self tanners. Just follow the directions carefully and you'll turn out great! the only bad thing is that when u sleep at night it smells really bad but once u tooken a bath the smell goes away. Just remember when u apply it on your skin make sure u blend it really well.... all in all it is great!
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REALY THE BEST SELFTAN I EVER USE -2/4/2006 7:24:47 AM I have to say that i have realy problems for year to find the best selftanning product...and thear you have it...put it on the night and in the morning you have CARIBIAN tan...not the tipicle orange color what other products left on you skin...and the best thing is that also work on your wrincles....make your skin abcolutle GEORGOUS....i garanty to every body 100% satisfacsion..TRY IT IAM SURE YOU WILL NEVER CHANGE IT
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Best tanner... -1/24/2006 8:08:10 AM of the very, very many I have used. With this stuff, you get instant and lasting results. While it is more expensive than the stuff at the corner drugstore, I get many more uses out of a bottle of it. When using it, keep in mind that it IS necessary to exfoliate beforehand and to wear gloves. While other tanners recommend this, it is absolutely necessary with this one. Also, shake the bottle before using it. Nobody ever says that, but if you don't, it's way too thick to begin with, and the last bit will be really runny. I also make sure that I am moisturized before using it (and their Skin Smoothie is pretty great for that). All in all, the only bad thing about it is that with the "color guide" which gives you the instant tan, you'll get light spots if it gets wet. But once you shower off the guide, this won't happen.
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Fake Bake 4 President -1/14/2006 3:33:23 PM No fake to it, just an excellent product with really good results ..Follow the instructions faithfully (esp. the part about wearing gloves while applying) and enjoy. I'm a VERY white thin skin in mid-Winter Indpls. and I love this stuff..(well, like it a lot)..Thanks...rkw
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Once you’ve turned your skin a gorgeous glow or a deep bronze with Fake Bake Self Tanners, play up the color and condition your skin with Fake Bake Tan Enhancing Lotion. This silky lotion gives your skin a touch of “shimmer” while hydrating your skin with essential oils and botanicals to keep it smooth and touchably soft. It’s the ideal ending to a perfect Fake Bake Self-Tan. Find out what other customers are saying by visiting the Fake Bake Self-Tanners Reviews page.

If you’ve read the product descriptions and still have questions about products, visit the Fake Bake Self Tanners Reviews page. This is where shoppers share their opinions about products by rating and reviewing them. Reading reviews will give you information about products from a different perspective, that of shoppers who have tried them. What better source could there be than someone who’s actually used the products? After looking at the ratings, spend some time reading the comments. These will give you more details about what the reviewer liked and didn’t like. By reading reviews, you can often find answers to some of your questions. This helpful resource will give you greater confidence in your selections and help you choose products that are best for your needs.

Not a writer? You don’t have to be to write Fake Bake Self Tanners Reviews. It’s fun to share your opinions with other shoppers. You can do that quickly and easily by writing reviews. Take a few minutes to log into your account and share your thoughts about products you’ve tried. Other shoppers will appreciate reading your comments and it’ll help them feel more confident they’ve made the right choices.

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