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A suggestive smile. A damsel in distress pout. The come-hither kisser. Without saying a word, your lips speak volumes. To make your lips fuller and softer, skip the injections and cosmetic surgery, and instead try a Fusion Beauty lip plumper. By simply applying one of their innovative formulas, your lips will be smooch-ready in seconds. In 2005, Fusion Beauty launched their first product – LipFusion – and today it is still regarded as a lip-plumping leader. Decide which product is best for you by reading the Fusion Beauty Lip Plumpers Reviews.

Our customers have a lot to say in the Fusion Beauty Lip Plumpers Reviews. From star ratings to pros and cons to detailed written reviews, real customers post their thoughts to help you make a purchase decision. Plus, they provide their age group, gender, hair color, skin tone, and eye color so you can better relate to an assessment. And some even upload images and video links to show you how well the treatments work. After you’ve had a chance to use a lip-plumping product, please return to the Fusion Beauty Lip Plumpers Reviews to add your voice to our online forum.

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Overall Rating Overall Rating
Gloss only -7/18/2006 10:18:55 AM I cannot imagine that this product actually does anything other than tingle anyone's lips. It's got a nice consistency and scent, but absolutely no plumping effect, whatsoever. Expensive for what it is: lip gloss.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Extremely gooey -7/13/2006 9:28:41 AM When I opened this product for the first time to try - it was so gooey that it dripped out of the container and off the wand. I put the wand back into the container and as I did, more just oozed out and when I closed securely, more also ooze out. I would not by this product again.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Disappointed -7/12/2006 6:00:22 AM Do products like these ever really work? It actually has a nice consistency on the lips (I don't normally like gloss) and has a nice scent. But aside from the slight tingle, I have noticed absolutely no effect from this product.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
? -6/9/2006 7:29:29 AM I can't understand the previous ratings. I'm very disappointed with this product. Nothing happen !
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Not worth the $$$ -5/21/2006 3:30:37 PM I have used this product for 2 weeks only to find that it gave my lips a slight plump for about 20 minutes. The product insert states that you need to apply each hour which I did. The results were disapointing for the money. I am going to try the Sovage next.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Great! -4/24/2006 8:16:34 AM I've been using Sovage lip plumper wih wonderful results, over a period of 3 months, but this one works immediately! I love the ruby grapefruit scent and very sheer gloss effect, as well as the best plumping action to date! I've also used freeze 24/7 plumplips and citylips lip plumpers... Lip Fusion FX is the best one so far!!!
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Some difference but... -4/18/2006 4:28:13 PM Unfortunately, like all other advertised lip plumpers, this is a very temporary measure and quite frankly, I didn't see that much difference. It feels good on and stays moist longer than many of the others, but the only way to really enhance the size of your lips is collagen....
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Did Nothing -4/17/2006 2:28:23 AM My lips are ok they are just dry. I used this product twice a day for several weeks. I have used better. This was a waste of money for me.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
loved it! -4/14/2006 5:35:51 AM I would Highly recommend it! It feels great on...stays put under lip stick. I have tried a lot of lip plumping products and this one is by far the best! It works. I would love to buy it by the gallons. Thanks lip fusion!!! Keep up the good plumping work.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
This one is the best!!! -4/8/2006 5:40:33 PM I have tried all the lip plumpers ..this one has the longest lasting effect doesnt dry out your lips either!! A lil bit goes a long way too ..I use to only like color on my lips but now with lip fusion I wanna see my natural colored lips..they also have a Lipfusion lip pencil too I cant wait to try!!!Love this one!
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Additional Fusion Beauty Reviews Information

In the Fusion Beauty Lip Plumpers Reviews, you are privy to recommendations and observations that you can’t access anywhere else. Want an advanced plumping treatment that visibly diminishes lines, deeply moisturizes, and gives you a sexy, fuller look for hours? See what customers have to say about the Fusion Beauty LipFusion XL Micro Injected Collagen Lip Plump. Some comment on the treatment’s lasting effects, while others like the taste and texture of the gloss. The product is intended for nighttime use and contains double the amount of pure active collagen found in LipFusion’s standard plumpers, for a truly brilliant boost. Are you in search of a gloss that works instantly, is painless, and gives your lips a seductive shimmer? Try the Fusion Beauty LipFusion Micro Injected Collagen Color Shine. Customers are pleased that this plumper doesn’t tingle, and still delivers smoother, fuller lips for up to 48 hours. And it comes in a variety of frisky colors including Bare, Blush, Flirt, Glow, Sugar, and Sweet. Learn more about these and other products in the Fusion Beauty Lip Plumpers Reviews.

Ready to contribute to the Fusion Beauty Lip Plumpers Reviews? Please tell us what condition your lips were in before you used the treatment. After you applied the product, how well did it plump and moisturize your lips? Do you like the flavor and consistency of the gloss? Did your lips remain full and softer for hours or days? We appreciate you writing about the details of your experience. You’ll also have a chance to give star ratings, check off pros and cons, and complete your beauty profile. Thank you for submitting your thoughts to the Fusion Beauty Lip Plumpers Reviews!

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