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Your feet go through a lot on a daily basis. You stuff them into shoes that rub on their skin, creating calluses and blisters. You cover them up with socks and hosiery that rob them of oxygen and seal in moisture, leaving them in conditions that are perfect for bacteria and fungus to invade. If you don't regularly care for the skin of your feet, the hardships that your feet endure can quickly take their toll, making your skin dehydrated, rough, cracked and itchy. The Glytone Foot Care Products are the perfect way to pamper your feet and help them stand up to everything you put them through.

The Glytone Foot Care Products contain free glycolic acid, which has the ability to lift away the thick layers of dead skin that often accumulate on the feet. When used regularly, the formulas in the collection can treat calluses, soften the heels and leave the skin on your feet feeling silky. Treat your feet to good daily care with the Glytone Foot Care Products collection, and you'll be sandal-ready all year round.

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With the unique glycolic acid-based formulas in the Glytone Foot Care Products collection, you can make all of the skin care problems that plague your feet a thing of the past.

Although far apart on your body, your heels and elbows often suffer from similar skin care woes: flakiness, roughness and thickened skin. Both your elbows and heels are particularly susceptible to tissue dehydration, which produces those unwanted symptoms. The Glytone Ultra Heel and Elbow Cream is an effective treatment that can help you eliminate the dead skin that has accumulated on the heels and elbows while restoring the tissue to its ideal moisture levels.

The Glytone Ultra Heel and Elbow Cream contains 29.5 percent free glycolic acid. This potent dose of alpha hydroxy acids easily lifts away layers of skin from the elbows and heels, quickly eliminating tissue thickening in the area. Because the formula uses pure glycolic acid rather than a diluted form of the acid contained in a complex, the cream is maximally effective and produces results much faster than ordinary glycolic-based foot treatments.

As the Glytone Ultra Heel and Elbow Cream works to remove dead skin, the formula also hydrates the tissue. The product contains glycerin, a humectant capable of drawing moisture from the air to replenish the skin's moisture supply. In addition, glycerin acts as an emollient, lubricating the skin cells to soften and condition the tissue. The formula is designed for use once per day and should be rinsed after approximately 15 minutes.

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