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Although it's so thin it's invisible to the eye, the acid mantle on your complexion is your skin's first line of defense against the environment. This layer of natural oils protects the skin from microbes and impurities and keeps moisture sealed within the lower layers of skin tissue. Your body is constantly working to maintain this acid mantle, responding to changes in your skin's pH levels by increasing or reducing oil production to ensure the barrier remains intact. Unfortunately, your genetic makeup, your lifestyle and the effects of the environment can all disrupt your skin's pH balance, leading to excessive oil production or severe skin dehydration.

Glytone Toners/Clarifiers Products help to restore balance to your complexion by normalizing pH levels. By returning the acidity of your skin to ideal ranges, the Glytone Toners/Clarifiers Products assist in maintaining your skin's acid mantle and keep signs of oiliness and dryness away. The formulas in the toning collection also contain ingredients to manage common skin care problems, such as chronic acne. Keep your skin protected, properly hydrated and gorgeous with Glytone Toners/Clarifiers Products.


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Additional Glytone Products Information

Restore balance, radiance and beauty to your complexion by adding Glytone Toners/Clarifiers Products to your daily regimen. The formulas adjust your skin's pH to ideal levels to keep the complexion's vital acid mantle intact.

The Glytone Essential Prep is a daily toner designed to prepare the skin for treatment formulas and moisturizers. When used twice per day as a part of your skin care regimen, the toner increases the effectiveness of the other steps in your routine. Ideal for all skin types, the toner contains 1 percent salicylic acid, a beta hydroxy acid that removes cellular debris and purifies the pores. The formula gently adjusts your complexion's pH, leaving it perfectly balanced to fight oiliness, dryness and combination patches on the skin. Formulated to never dry out the skin tissue, the toner contains glycerin, a proven humectant and emollient.

The Glytone Acne Cleansing Toner is the perfect follow-up to cleansing for skin that is prone to frequent acne breakouts. The toner uses 2 percent salicylic acid to eliminate blockages from the pores while exfoliating the complexion to remove dead cells that can create new clogs. With each use, the formula adjusts the pH of the tissue, helping to eliminate the excess oil in the pores that contributes to acne. The exfoliating actions of the toner ready the complexion for acne treatment products and topical acne medications, amplifying their effects. The formula is mild enough for all skin types and should be applied one to three times per day.

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