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You know the tone of your skin, your hairstyle, and your threads make a big impression on others, and so you take the time to carefully maintain them. Don’t neglect your olfactory impression, though. Men’s fragrances can accent masculinity and bolster your presence. But which to choose? The world of fragrance products is diverse and, often enough, bewildering. If you’re looking for the right scent to match your personality and your ambitions, consider focusing in on the Jack Black Eau De Parfum line—and reading about the offerings via the Jack Black Eau De Parfum Reviews.

The Jack Black Eau De Parfum Reviews collect customer reviews on these very products—eau de parfums, which are more powerful and resilient fragrances than eau de toilettes or eau de colognes—so that you can hear directly from those who’ve actually tried them out. What better way to get a handle on these fragrances than supplementing the product details we’ve offered up here at with evaluations from everyday guys with practical experience?

We encourage you to check out the Jack Black Eau De Parfum Reviews today, and use them in your research. If you end up trying one of these fragrances out for yourself, we hope you’ll return to the site and write up your own feedback, as well.

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You'll smell great and feel great -6/6/2006 3:10:55 AM This is an expensive scent but it's well worth it. Since it's an EDP (Eau de Parfum), it's stronger than most colognes so a little goes a long way. I've had nothing but compliments on this cologne as well as the other two in the Jack Black line. IMO, they are the best JB products bar none. JB sells a 1 oz splash version of each of these if you'd like to start out with a lesser investment or if you want to try them all SkinStore sells all three together as a gift set. I would get an atomizer to use with the smaller bottles as they don't have spray tops like the 3.4oz versions. I don't like to splash it on because it doesn't seem to enhance all the notes in the fragrance quite like spraying it on does. Cheers!
Matt Torrance, CA
brandLoyalisttop50Contributor Age Group: 25-34Gender: M
Pros: clean/fresh, subtle Cons: fades quickly
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Love the scent, but.... -7/10/2012 7:36:56 AM .... I wish it was stronger. The scent seems to only come out when body heat rises. The scent itself is great; crisp, cool, and a little spicy. But no matter how much is applied, the scent is very weak overall.
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Additional Jack Black Reviews Information

It doesn’t really work very well to just grab some random men’s fragrance from the shelf and expect it to be perfect for your needs. You want an aroma that works with your own body scent—and certainly one that projects the kind of fragrance you want, whether it’s bold and commanding or simply a subtle accent. Here’s where research comes into play. The Jack Black Eau De Parfum line encompasses a variety of aromas and intensities, so it’s worth spending some time reading up on the details. The Jack Black Eau De Parfum Reviews can play an invaluable role here, allowing you to imagine what it’s like using these fragrances.

You’ll see a link to the Jack Black Eau De Parfum Reviews right beneath the collection’s introductory text on the Jack Black Eau De Parfum overview page here at This will take you to all of the evaluations for all of the products, all rolled together. Alternatively, if you’re studying a given product’ individual profile page, you’ll see a tab linking to reviews specific to that product on the left side of the screen.

Through engrossing paragraphs, starred ratings, lists of pros and cons, and other informative details, the Jack Black Eau De Parfum Reviews shed light on the products in the Jack Black Eau De Parfum family. Through them, you’ll learn more about the flagship Jack Black Eau De Parfum itself, a full-bodied, spice-tinged aroma formulated from a rich cocktail of black amber, blonde wood, papyrus, eucalyptus, tiger orchids, elemi coeur, and geraniums. Kashmir saffron, coriander, and red cedar, meanwhile, help define the Jack Black Signature Black Mark Eau de Parfum, which also has leather-scented overtones. You’ll also gain insight into the Jack Black Signature Blue Mark Eau de Parfum, a subtle and long-lasting fragrance stocked with bergamot, watermint, Japanese juniper, ginger, thyme, and vetiver tones.

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