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No matter how fine the quality of your skin care products, no matter how effective the ingredients they contain, your skin care regimen is only effective if the products are properly absorbed into your skin tissue. To provide real benefits, skin care formulas must fully penetrate the outer layer of skin and reach the middle layer of tissue, where the new skin is waiting to be revealed. If that new skin is buried beneath layers of thick, dry, dead cells, it's likely that only a minimal amount of the beneficial ingredients in your skin care products will be able to reach it.

Jan Marini Intensifiers/Accelerators Products are designed to help eliminate the outer layers of skin, so that your skin care regimen is much more effective. The formulas in the Jan Marini Intensifiers/Accelerators Products contain proven exfoliating ingredients, which dissolve the bonds between the outer and middle layers of skin, allowing the older cells to be gently lifted away. In addition, the Jan Marini Intensifiers/Accelerators Products also resurface the complexion, making them effective treatments for many common skin care concerns.

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Additional Jan Marini Products Information

Give your current skin care routine a boost with Jan Marini Intensifiers/Accelerators Products. These exfoliating skin care treatments help to eliminate cells from the outer layer of skin tissue, so that the products in your skin care regimen work more effectively to improve your skin's look and texture.

Jan Marini Skin Zyme is a highly effective skin care treatment and intensifier combined into one 2-ounce jar. The product contains green papaya extract, which is loaded with natural acids that work to exfoliate the complexion. The exfoliating actions of the treatment are beneficial for many skin care problems, including age spots and other types of hyperpigmentation, signs of aging, acne and oversized pores. To prevent irritation, the product contains aloe vera extract, sorbitol and moisturizing sunflower oil. Vitamin E present in the formula helps to protect the skin from free radical damage to keep the complexion healthy and youthful.

Jan Marini Clean Zyme is designed to be used in place of the regular facial cleanser in your skin care regimen one to four times per week. When used regularly, the cleanser improves cellular turnover rates to help reveal your newer, more youthful skin to the world. To produce its exfoliating benefits, the cleanser contains extracts of citrus fruits and green papaya. Aloe vera in the formula reduces redness and calms irritation, while urea helps to protect and hydrate the skin. Available in a 4-ounce bottle, the cleanser also contains additional skin-nourishing natural ingredients, including honey, vitamin E and sorbitol.

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