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Juara Skincare Toners and Clarifiers Products

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Where western medicine typically focuses upon finding a treatment for a specific health care concern, eastern healing traditions often focus on the whole body. When a person becomes ill, practitioners work to restore them to good health by balancing the forces within the body through the use of natural ingredients. Many of the remedies in eastern medical practices have been scientifically proven to be beneficial, and many modern skin care collections include toning and clarifying products meant to balance the oil content of the skin to keep it healthy and beautiful.

Juara Skincare Toners And Clarifiers Products not only help to keep skin at its ideal moisture levels, but they also contain traditional herbs that are used as beauty treatments in eastern healing traditions. Every formula in the Juara Skincare Toners And Clarifiers Products line is 100 percent natural and free of animal-derived ingredients, making them friendly for vegans. When used daily after cleansing and before moisturizing, the Juara Skincare Toners And Clarifiers Products can help reduce oily patches on the complexion, soothe signs of dryness and promote tightened pores and clear skin.

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Additional Juara Skincare Products Information

With their formulas based on eastern healing techniques, the Juara Skincare Toners And Clarifiers Products will rebalance and soothe your complexion.

Juara Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner is a daily toning formula for all skin types. The formula was developed using herbs commonly employed in eastern medicine and can provide visible benefits for all women. Those with oily skin can use the formula in place of a moisturizer to keep the pores free of clogs and the skin well hydrated. Women with combination skin will notice a decrease in rough, dry patches on their complexions without any increase in oily shine when they use the formula regularly. Dry skin sufferers will find relief from flaking, itching and redness, the common signs of skin dehydration.

An herb native to Indonesia, tamarind is a key ingredient in Juara Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner. The herb helps the skin return to its ideal moisture levels, and its presence in the toner eliminates the need to add oils to the formula. Rice is included in the toner to firm the skin and absorb excess oil, while a blend of green, black and white teas helps to alleviate signs of irritation and protects the skin from free radicals. To further hydrate the skin and decrease the prominence of fine lines, the toner contains hyaluronic acid.

Free of alcohol and paraben preservatives, Juara Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner should be used twice per day. The formula comes in a 4.57-ounce bottle outfitted with a pump top for easy dispensing.

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