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Additional Kelo-cote Products Information

Kelo-cote provides top-quality care for scarred skin using cutting-edge research to improve skin’s texture and appearance. If you have an existing scar or will be undergoing a procedure that may cause scarring, trust Kelo-cote Products to help you manage and improve your skin’s healing process.

One of the most highly effective scar treatment formulas is Kelo-cote Advanced Formula Scar Gel. This gel is recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons to help treat, reduce, prevent, and soften scars. It is effective on old and new scars, using a patented topical silicone gel to manage and prevent abnormal scars. After applying a thin layer, the gel will dry and become an invisible, odorless, and breathable sheet within five minutes. Cosmetics or sunscreen can be applied as normal after the gel has dried. Beyond reducing the appearance and formation of scars, Kelo-cote Advanced Formula Scar Gel also reduces any pain, itching, or discoloration associated with the scar.

To facilitate a wound’s healing process or to work on flattening, softening, and smoothing existing scars, trust Kelo-cote Scar Gel. This patented formula creates a waterproof silicone gel sheet that is flexible, permeable, colorless, and odorless, providing skin healing and protection without the need for visible creams or bandages. This product can be used on old and new scars to improve skin’s texture and appearance.

If you need to treat a large or widespread scar, Kelo-cote Scar Spray provides an easy delivery system that can be applied without rubbing or touching your skin. This lightweight spray dries into a waterproof, flexible, breathable silicone gel sheet that binds to the top layer of your skin. This spray is suitable for adults and children and can be used on joints, hairy areas, and any region of the body that has large amounts of scar tissue.

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