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You can keep them covered up with socks and shoes and polish your nails to improve their appearance, but if you're not properly caring for the skin on your feet, you're bound to develop skin care problems. The skin on your feet is put through abuse on a daily basis by everything from tight shoes to pressure exerted on them by the rest of your body from standing and walking. As a result, your feet are susceptible to dryness, corns, calluses and even skin infections caused by bacteria and fungus. The MD Formulations Foot Care Products collection was designed to provide essential nutrients and moisture to the skin on your feet to help combat these and other problems.

Like all of the formulas sold under the MD Formulations brand, the MD Formulations Foot Care Products collection was designed to rival the benefits offered by clinical-strength skin care products sold at the offices of skin care professionals. Using one of the MD Formulations Foot Care Products is like treating your feet to a spa treatment without ever having to leave home.

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Additional MD Formulations Products Information

Treat your feet to the skin healthy ingredients found in MD Formulations Foot Care Products. This line up of foot care formulas is designed to leave the skin on the feet feeling softer and smoother. The professional-strength collection also soothes discomfort and removes thick, rough patches.

The MD Formulations Pedicreme addresses a number of skin care problems that are common on the feet. The formula contains glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid that is derived from the sugars of plants. Glycolic acid works as an exfoliator, destroying the bonds that hold the outer layers of skin to the lower, healthier layers of tissue. The ingredient is beneficial for removing dry, thick patches of tissue from the heels, toes and soles of the feet.

In addition to glycolic acid, the MD Formulations Pedicreme contains mineral oil. When applied to the skin of the feet, the oil forms a barrier that seals in moisture in order to combat dryness. Glyceryl stearate included in the formula acts as a lubricant to decrease the harmful effects of friction upon the feet due to ill-fitting shoes. Despite its ability to moisturize and protect the skin, the foot cream does not have a heavy or greasy feeling, making it comfortable to wear.

The MD Formulations Pedicreme is designed for use once or twice per day. The product comes in an inverted tube that holds 6.0 ounces of cream. The inverted design makes it easy to dispense the product, even when the tube is almost empty.

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