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Mederma reviews

Scars and stretch marks are two of the most common skin issues that people face – and some of the most difficult to treat. Both of these problems can change a person’s appearance. Mederma targets these problems using a proprietary botanical blend called Ceaphlin which contains onion extract, an ingredient proven to improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks, and allantoin, a natural compound that helps to promote healthy tissue growth. Using these ingredients, Mederma reduces the appearance of a variety of scar-related skin problems including surgical scars, scars due to skin injuries, burns, acne scarring and stretch marks. If you’re tired of trying to cover scars and stretch marks with limited success, Mederma can give you permanent and lasting improvement. Find out what other customers are saying by visiting the Mederma Reviews page.

Are you skeptical of the claims so many skin care products make? If you’re like most people, you want to know a product really works before spending money on it. We developed the Mederma Reviews page so you can find out first-hand whether a product lives up to its claims by reading reviews and product ratings from customers who have used them. To access this helpful resource, click on the Mederma Reviews link on the introductory page or the “reviews” tab on any product description page to read reviews on that particular product.

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Worked okay -5/23/2004 10:50:58 AM It helped a raised scar look smaller and feel smoother but I expected more very expensive and lesser drug store brand worked just the same. Product began to peel and smell funny after USe
Overall Rating Overall Rating
It didn't work for me -5/3/2004 9:56:17 PM I have scars all over my body, like small bumps or keloids from an allergic reaction that kept me up and scratching. Mederma is too expensive & did not work for me. It dried my skin & made it itch even more. I tried it for 3 months. No change in scar appearance. I do not believe it works for keloids as it claims.
C santiago
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did not work -4/29/2004 6:40:53 AM Iused merderma for 2 months and there has not been any change in my appearance I think it is to expensive for it not to work.
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MEDERMA WORKS!! -4/22/2004 11:02:40 PM I was in a car accident had a huge red scar on the side of my face. MEDERMA SAVED MY SOCIAL LIFE! It totally took the redness out and know my scar is flesh colored. I recomend Mederma to anyone, it works awesome. You wont see results right away, give it at least 4-5 weeks. Trust me, you wont regret it.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
good -4/17/2004 6:13:45 PM very good!!
Overall Rating Overall Rating
I think it's working... -4/16/2004 12:34:53 PM I've been using this product for around 31/2 weeks so far, and I am seeing noticeable differences in my acne scars, even the old ones. The areas seem to be getting smoother.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
not that good -4/15/2004 3:43:44 PM I have used it for 2 months now..the result was disappointed The scar is still there..and the worst part is as I use the product as directed for 3-4 times a turn out ...effecting my eyes..both eyes turn to I have reduce the application 1-2 times a dayand sometimes I use every two day ..and as a result it was not as good as I expected. .I think this product is not suitable for me.maybe I am elegy to it.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
smelly -4/8/2004 7:53:02 PM I bought this product thinking it would help my strech marks and acne scars from having a baby and it did not work and smells too bad.i think i would have tried it for a longer time i could not stand the smell.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
effective product -3/30/2004 12:20:08 PM I have medium brown skin and have been using Merderma on three burn marks on my body as well as on stretch marks. I have been using it diligently as advised on the label for three months and have noticed a very visible and dramatic reduction in the scars as well as the stretch marks which do appear softer. Great product, but expect some itchness!
Alli of NY
Overall Rating Overall Rating
The Best -3/29/2004 12:18:06 PM I have tried everything but surgury and this has worked the best. I have multiple scars but the the biggest are an 8" scar from my chest down past my bellybutton, marks the size of quarters on each hips & thighs from titanium bars, 3" on my arm, major road rash, and thick scars from reconstructive surgury. Mederma has made my scars light enough and soft enough were i would feel comfortable enough to were a bikini again, and i thank Mederma for that.
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Additional Mederma Reviews Information

What you put on your skin should be as safe and natural as possible. Mederma is formulated with safe, non-toxic botanicals that are well-tolerated by all skin types. Plus, it has a pleasant smell. They even have a formulation targeted to the needs of children - to improve the appearance of cuts and scrapes that so many children get. Adults and children alike can benefit from the scar and stretch mark therapy that Mederma offers. Find out what other shoppers are saying by visiting the Mederma Reviews page.

Once arriving at the Mederma Reviews page, take a few minutes to read the product ratings that other shoppers have left. For convenience, you can sort the ratings based on when it was published or by highest ranked products – but don’t stop there. Dig a little deeper and read the comments reviewers leave after rating the products. By reading the comments, you’ll get unbiased information on the products you won’t get from a product description. The review section is a good place to find answers to some of your most burning questions about a product. Did the product live up to its claims? Was it a good value? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you make smarter product choices.

Once you see how helpful reviews and product ratings can be, why not write Mederma reviews of your own? To get started, log into your account and go to the page of the product you’d like to talk about. Then click on the “write a review” link to get started. What should you say? There’s no right or wrong way to write a review. Simply tell shoppers what you thought about the product. Did it perform as expected? Would you buy it again? Feel free to share any hints or tips other shoppers can use to get more benefits from a product or suggestions about other products they might enjoy. Most importantly, be honest. Reviews are a chance to express your opinion – and express it honestly. Take advantage of it.

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