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Nobody appreciates having a breakout, and it’s particularly difficult to deal with when it occurs on skin that is shaved every day. Men have to deal with blemishes for the same reasons, and just as often, as women, but when they occur on the shaving area of the face it can be a particular problem for them. Fortunately, Menscience Androceuticals Acne Treatment Products have been developed to address this situation. Men don’t have the advantage of using corrective cosmetics and deciding just not to shave for a few days is rarely an option; the blemishes have to be treated, healed and, as a long-term solution, the frequency of their re-occurrence has to be reduced as much as possible.

The clinical grade formulas offered in Menscience Androceuticals Acne Treatment Products are effective, work fast and do not leave tell-tale evidence that any product is even being used. Just as important for men, these treatments are easy to use and do not add a lot of time to their skin care regimen. Dogs are fine, but Menscience Androceuticals Acne Treatment Products really are man’s best friend.

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Additional Menscience Androceuticals Products Information

It’s not just about finding a solution to the problem, it’s about finding the right solution. When breakouts occur, Menscience Androceuticals Acne Treatment Products provide effective, fast and clinical-grade formulas to help turn the situation around. They are also easy to use and do not take a lot of fuss and bother to apply.

The most effective way to treat a breakout is to clean the entire area. Instead of using soap, which can dry out the skin, start with a mild cleanser and then follow with Menscience Advanced Acne Pads which use the maximum strength of 2% solution of salicylic acid, along with glycolic acid, to effectively clean the skin without stripping away the protective natural oils. Itching and inflammation are treated with witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) while allantoin and aloe help moisturize the tissues. Important antibacterial protection is provided by extract from the Australian tea tree (Melaleuca alernifolia).

As a stay-on treatment, Menscience Acne Therapy Lotion contains pharmacist-level strength of 3% benzoyl peroxide to help heal and repair acne damage. German chamomile extract provides anti-inflammation and soothing qualities, while Camellia oleifera extract and squalane are excellent moisturizers for acne-prone skin.

To treat specific areas of blemishes, Menscience Acne Spot Repair brings to bear the full power of a 10% concentration of benzoyl peroxide, the maximum allowed without a doctor’s prescription. It is fast-absorbing, invisible when applied and quickly eliminates acne spots, often within 24 to 48 hours. Vitamins A, C and E, plus green tea extract, help to soften and hydrate the skin while providing long-term antioxidant protection.

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