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If you’ve settled for inferior shaving products—as so many men have—you may well be blown away after the first time using a really high-quality treatment approach. Poorly formulated and improperly used razors and shaving creams can increase the likelihood of those all-too-common shaving maladies: razor bumps, burning, inflammation—not to mention a sloppy-looking and uneven job. The Menscience Androceuticals Shaving Cream/Gel products take shaving science to the next level, highlighting treatments that are gentle on your skin but tough on bristles. We invite you to learn more about the lineup via the Menscience Androceuticals Shaving Cream/Gel Reviews, where we’ve put together feedback from other customers who’ve tried out the products.

It’s all well and good to read through product descriptions and study ingredient lists—and we’ve certainly offered up all kinds of technical details on the Menscience Androceuticals Shaving Cream/Gel line for you to peruse. But consider the advantages of reading about the experiences and perspectives of other guys very much like yourself—in their own words—concerning these very products. That’s the beauty of the Menscience Androceuticals Shaving Cream/Gel Reviews; they constitute a powerful resource for you to use as you shop around.

If you end up trying out one of these creams or gels, consider adding your own feedback to the Menscience Androceuticals Shaving Cream/Gel Reviews, and making this resource grow.

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sandman99 Tucson, Arizona
experimenter Age Group: 55+Gender: M
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Best Shave Cream -8/4/2012 6:15:12 PM I have been using this product for awhile - and I am happy to report that it is the best shave cream I have ever used. I almost never get shaving cuts with this cream; only a very thin layer is needed. Also nice is the fact that you can actually see what you are doing when trimming sideburns. Regular foam shaving creams seem to get in the way. One minor negative is that the product is unscented - I like a bit of scent - but I will live with that since everything else about this shave cream is excellent. A good value for the money.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
good stuff! -5/15/2005 2:45:40 AM best brushless cream i have ever tried. very hydrating and lubricationg. no irritation at all!
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Have to love Salicylic!!! -5/9/2006 6:34:46 AM It has the great effect of salicylic acid on your skin but it does not irritate at all.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
One of the best! -1/27/2007 4:28:24 PM My husband says this is one of the best he has ever used!
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Best shave cream ever! -3/6/2007 5:44:05 AM my boyfriend bought this and i keep stealing it! now i buy it for both of us! so great for skin and really helps with razor burn
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Great -3/23/2007 6:24:43 AM I have sensitive skin, but this gave me a really close shave with virtually no irritation
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Great Product for Sensitive Skin -1/30/2008 3:28:23 AM I work as a professional model and have used this product for over a month. Does what it says. Aveeno Gel was what I use to use, but this shave formula leaves my skin unscathed by the blade, no redness, irritation, or fragrance and no breakouts either. Very Pleased. I only use enough to cover beard area-no need to apply liberally as suggested. Will purchase again.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Excellant Product -1/30/2008 4:33:26 AM No fuss shave cream. leaves my skin smooth, not red; no breakouts and fragrance-free! Highly recommend.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
wow -2/5/2008 9:44:47 AM this stuff is the best...toss away all the prep material you may be using pre and post shave (e.g. shave oils and conditioners)...this does it all and with ease...a bit pricey but worth it because of its overall effectiveness !
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Exceptional -4/3/2008 3:04:58 PM Fantastic shaving product. I have tried many and this is the best by a long way. Leaves face feeling clean after use.
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Additional Menscience Androceuticals Reviews Information

While there are plenty of exceptions, many guys don’t spend all that much time fussing about skincare. Shaving, though, is an everyday reality for many of the same men. Taking a little time to find a high-quality, rigorously crafted shaving cream means you can go on not thinking much about your skin—the product’s taking care of it. That’s some of the spirit behind the Menscience Androceuticals Shaving Cream/Gel line. Shaving, after all, is a potentially very irritating and stressful experience for our complexions, and mediocre products can wreak havoc on them. Read through the Menscience Androceuticals Shaving Cream/Gel Reviews to see if these formulations might satisfy your own particular needs.

Once you navigate over to the Menscience Androceuticals Shaving Cream/Gel Reviews by clicking on the appropriate and clearly marked links—you’ll find them on the brand’s overview page as well as those covering the specific products—you’ll see an array of features to each review. A reviewer can choose to write a paragraph or two on their experience, then supplement this with starred ratings—specifically evaluating overall satisfaction, ease-of-use, and price/value—and pros and cons in list form. There’s actually a lot of meat to these accounts—especially when you consider their insights against the other information we’ve put together on the Menscience Androceuticals Shaving Cream/Gel line here at

If you end up trying out the brand’s experience—say, giving the easy glide of the Menscience Advanced Shave Formula, a non-foaming and nourishing creation, a go round—consider coming back to the Menscience Androceuticals Shaving Cream/Gel Reviews and adding your own. Everyone can benefit from your perspective, given that nobody else will have exactly the same experience.

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