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It's an accepted fact among skin care experts that cleansing plays a vital role in any skin care regimen. Nearly every skin care brand offers at least one cleanser in its range, and in many cases, has several different cleansing options from which you can choose. With so many cleansers available on the market, selecting one for your complexion can be a daunting task. Even among products designed for your specific skin type, there can be dozens of differences between the ingredients and formulas offered by the top names in skin care.

We have compiled this page of NeoStrata Cleansers Reviews to introduce you to the benefits of the cleansing products offered by NeoStrata, a brand considered a leader and innovator in skin care. The NeoStrata Cleansers Reviews are intended to show you what is unique and beneficial about each of the cleansers featured in the brand's revolutionary skin care collection. After reading about the experiences of our other customers as told in the NeoStrata Cleansers Reviews, you're sure to find selecting a cleanser for your own skin much easier.

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Not as great as I though it would be -7/2/2008 2:25:51 PM I don't love or hate this stuff. It's the first Neo Strata product I've tried (based on recommendations from my stylist and several friends) I've had oily skin and a tendency to break out since my teens. Then my skin calmed down a bit in my 20's. When I reached my early 30's, I began having hormonal breakouts on my jawline and chin. Also, my oily skin became more noticeable. I do like foam products because they don't feel heavy or oily and this one does have a nice, citrus scent. It makes my skin feel clean and evens out my skin tone. I've seen less breakouts on my chin, but now, I'm having occasional breakouts on my forehead and cheeks! Also, my skin felt itchy for the first couple of weeks. Not inflamed or irritated, just itchy. I'll probably shop around for a similar product by MD Forte or MD Formulations.
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Don't think it's very good at all -1/1/2008 1:31:51 PM I've been using this for about a month now and I'm not really all that impressed with it. When I buy a cleanser I want one that will remove eyemake us as well, I don't want to be mucking around with 2 different cleansers, I just want to rub it all over my face and get in the shower and let it wash off, with this I can't. It's absolutely useless as an eyemake remover and I mean absolutely! It leaves a big black mess under my eyes and most of my mascara is still on my lashes. I wouldn't be buying this if you want an all in one cleanser, I won't buy it again, I'll look for my next cleanser to be able to remove eye make up as well as my foundation etc.
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finally the perfect cleanser.. -12/3/2007 8:24:12 AM This is the first cleanser in a long time that I have repurchased.It was recommended to me by an estitician and it's perfect for my oily,sensitive,reactive skin.I use it with the oil free lotion by Neostrata & the eye cream.My skin looks great.No more over priced,department store skin care for me.This line beats them all & very affordable.
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So so only -11/13/2007 4:57:15 PM I think this cleanser is really a very mild cleanser. I have oily skin with blackheads problem and this cleanser does not help me much. I was using Dermalogica Derma Clay cleanser and I have less build up with that.
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Perfection -10/12/2007 6:03:58 PM I have extremely sensitive skin and it seems every cleanser dries it out - except this one. I feel like I get a deep clean with no harsh side effects. My skin is calm and clean after using this.
Cindy Gehrke
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NeoStrata Facial Cleanser -9/19/2007 4:59:50 PM I like this cleansing wash. Except my pores on my oily nose area, are still plugged up. What do you recommend to clear up that issue. Cindy
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neo strata facial cleanser 4PHA -9/17/2007 10:05:11 AM AWESOME
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Love it! -3/16/2007 3:27:11 PM This was recommended by my dermatologist. Leaves skin clean and soft.
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Feel so Good -3/14/2007 7:24:49 PM I have highly sensitive skin and this facial cleanser is a god send. It is mild but cleanse really well.
kar joo
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good -10/4/2005 8:35:21 AM It cleanses my skin quite well and leaves my skin feel smooth and silky.
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Additional NeoStrata Reviews Information

From treating patients, founding the dermatology research branch at the National Cancer Institute and teaching medicine at Temple University, dermatologist Eugene Van Scott knew that many people were unable to properly care for their skin because they did not have access to truly effective, safe products. To offer a solution and improve complexions everywhere, Van Scott teamed up with world-renowned dermatopharmacologist Dr. Ruey Yu to create a line of skin care products, which they named NeoStrata. The collection features products that form full skin care regimens and includes several cleansers.

In addition to reading the product descriptions on our site, you can use these NeoStrata Cleansers Reviews to give you some background about the NeoStrata brand. Each of the NeoStrata Cleansers Reviews recounts the experiences of an actual user who purchased one of the cleansing products and tested it herself. By seeing what each reviewer loved about a particular cleanser and reading their suggestions for improving the formula, you can make an informed decision about which NeoStrata cleanser is ideal for you.

If you have already discovered the benefits of the NeoStrata skin care line, our shopping community can greatly benefit from your NeoStrata Cleansers Reviews. To get started, simply log into our site (if you haven't already) and visit the shopping page for the cleanser that you've tried. You'll find a "Write a Review" link featured on the product page, and once you click it, you'll be taken to our easy-to-complete review form, where you can share your story.

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