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Fine lines and deeper wrinkles in the eye area are visible on the surface of the skin, but their root cause is hidden away in the skin cells. Particles known as free radicals in ultraviolet light and environmental impurities bombard the cells on a daily basis. These highly reactive particles cause progressive damage to the cells, interfering with their ability to manufacture new proteins. As a result, the skin in the eye area loses elasticity and strength and becomes susceptible to wrinkling.

To treat signs of aging in the eye area, simply treating the surface of the skin is not enough. Neova Eye Products are scientifically formulated to work on the cells themselves, so that they can offer maximum benefits. The proprietary complexes contained in Neova Eye Products stimulate regeneration in the tissue, which can help the skin around the eye area regain elasticity and strength. Over time, the products can lessen the depth of lines and furrows while protecting the tissue to avoid future damage which can lead to more symptoms. The Neova Eye Products also address discoloration, dehydration and puffiness.

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To truly improve the look of the delicate eye area, trust Neova Eye Products, the formulas that work on a cellular level to strengthen aging skin.

The Neova Advanced Refining Eye Lift is a daily treatment that battles sagging skin on the eyelids and at the corners of the eyes. The formula contains a copper peptide complex that helps to re-mineralize the skin around the eyes, ensuring that the cells function optimally. DNA Repair liposomes deeply penetrate the skin and reactivate the cells, rejuvenating the tissue. The amino acid argireline is added to the formula to relax the skin around the eyes, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles to make them less prominent. Sodium hyaluronate transfers water from the air to the skin to battle dehydration, while saccharomyces lysate extract improves oxygen levels in the tissue to fade dark circles and eliminate puffiness.

The Neova Eye Therapy by ProCyte is a therapeutic formula designed to stimulate healing and cellular renewal in the eye area. The formula contains Neova's copper peptide complex to ensure good skin nutrition. To fight dark circles, the formula contains Haloxyl, an ingredient show to reduce darkness by up to 45 percent. The eye treatment also includes Skinmimics, a proprietary complex of ceramides that helps to fill in gaps between the skin cells and boost moisture levels in the tissue. This makes the skin around the eyes softer and smoother with each application. Sodium hyaluronate provides additional moisture to keep signs of tissue dehydration at bay.

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