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Tarsum Shampoo/Gel From Summers


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description for Tarsum Shampoo/Gel From Summers

Tarsum is the only therapeutic shampoo designed to be applied before bathing. Its special applicator cap allows you to put Tarsum directly on psoriasis plaques. You treat your scalp, not your hair!

Every other therapeutic shampoo requires you to dilute the medication and stand around the shower with a headful of lather to receive treatment. Applying Tarsum directly to the scalp before bathing allows you:

  1. Apply full strength, undiluted treatment exactly where you need it most.
  2. Better control over the amount of time you treat your scalp.

reviews for Tarsum Shampoo/Gel From Summers

Featured Tarsum Shampoo/Gel From Summers review:

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Have had better - 9/12/2008 8:09:49 AM Perhaps you need to leave it on longer, but I cannot walk around and eat breakfast with stuff in my hair. It didn't do as well as some other ones.

Featured Tarsum Shampoo/Gel From Summers review:

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Helped my skin rash - 6/14/2008 8:12:15 AM Very pleased with the Tarsum shampoo. Nothing (including prescriptions) worked on a year-long skin rash on my hand that was getting worse and itched so badly that I'd rubbed it raw. Then I tried this. I kept it by the kitchen sink, rubbing it in 2-3 times daily. After a little more than a week I noticed it was finally healing. I've used it about 2-3 weeks now and my skin nearly looks normal again instead of freakish. Don't let the mothball smell put you off, it evaporates quickly so I was able to wear it to work without worry. I'm so grateful to have found this--thanks a million!!!!

Featured Tarsum Shampoo/Gel From Summers review:

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Loved it. Highly recommend - 10/11/2007 3:25:51 AM Great stuff. I tried everything and this was the most effective in getting my seborrheic dematitis under control. It was initially prescribed to me by my dermatolotist. Now I buy it over the counter. This is the cheapest website, plus it is free domestic shipping. The applicator allows for great contact with the scalp. Good luck!

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directions for use for Tarsum Shampoo/Gel From Summers

Use Tarsum's applicator tip to apply Tarsum directly to the affected areas of the scalp. Leave Tarsum on for a short period while you brush your teeth, shave, eat breakfast, watch TV etc. for up to an hour before bathing.When you are ready to remove Tarsum, simply add water, work Tarsum into a lather, and rinse as you would any shampoo. Tarsum produces a thick lather with water. You may need to add a little more Tarsum if you pretreated only a small area on your scalp.

Tip: Tarsum was designed for scalp use, but many dermatologists have patients apply it to other parts of the body except the genital area, unless directed by your dermatologist to reduce the scaling of psoriasis plaques. Tarsum used on other parts of the body should not be left on longer than an hour. Discontinue use if Tarsum causes irritation.

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